Monday, August 18, 2014

Life Update & Kids in the Kitchen Series!

I'm back and hopefully here to stay again :) I cannot begin to describe the craziness that this summer brought about here! I am glad I took a little break and now am ready to get back at it. At the end of June, Mark went to Florida and Illinois for two weeks, so I was doing single mom duty for about 15 days! I survived knowing that my dad was coming back with Mark. They drove the 2,000 miles from Illinois to California in a box truck with all my dad's belongings in tow. Then a week later, we started packing up and moving to a new city 1.5 hours northwest of where we were. Moving that 1.5 hours away was 300 times worse than moving 2,000 miles away. Somehow we accumulated 270(ish... ) truck loads of crap over the last year. It took almost a whole week just to move everything. Then we spent the next 2 weeks unpacking, organizing, celebrating my birthday, and learning our way around a whole new city. THEN at the end of July, Myles and I flew back to Illinois to see our family and celebrate his birthday. We had a fantastic vacation and got to spend lots of quality time with our loved ones. Besides Myles' sleeping schedule (going to bed at 1am... waking at 4:30am to come to bed with me, and then sleeping until 11am), I couldn't have been happier with our time spent at home. We left last Wednesday with my little brother in tow and then celebrated Myles' actual birthday on Thursday. Now we are exploring and 'stayactioning' it up with my little bro until next Thursday when he leaves us. After that, we will get back to our normal routines: find a new gym, look into daycare, keep organizing and decorating, and get back into blogging. I would love to share some pictures of all that has been happening lately, but I left my camera and memory card back in Illinois. So I will have to wait until my mother sends it back to me! If you want to get some sneak peeks, check out my Instagram (@theeveryday_momma).

I am also super excited to tell you all about a new series that I am participating in. My awesome blogger buddy Echo from The Mad Mommy asked me to join and I could not turn her down! After having so much fun with our last series (Think Outside the Toy Box), I knew this would be the perfect way for me to get back into the blogging routine after a crazy summer. So starting next Monday, I will be teaming up with Echo, Amber at From ABCs to ACTs, Katy from Chaos & Kiddos, Katie at View from the Fridge, and Becka from Probably Crafting to bring you Kids in the Kitchen!

I am so in love with this idea for so many reasons: I am forever trying to find new food that Myles will eat, I am always looking for new recipes and ways to incorporate healthier foods into our diet, getting to spend quality time with Myles, and I think it it so important to get kids involved in the kitchen; learning to cook and the role food plays in their health.  

 The series will last six weeks and will cover all meal times:
  August 25: What's for breakfast?
September 1: Let's do Lunch!
September 8: Dinnertime!
September 15: Delicious Desserts.
September 22: Snack Attack!
September 29: Kid Creations...(Let your kids come up with a recipe!)

This series will also be an open link-up. So every Monday when the posts go live, you can link-up your kid friendly food post pertaining to that week's category! That means for the next six weeks this series will be your one-stop-shop for tons of kid inspired recipes linked-up in one place, plus tons of exposure for you if you join us!
Can't wait to see you next Monday for breakfast time!


  1. Damn how'd I miss this? I feel so caught up though! I hate moving more than anything, whether it's two minutes away or 200 hours. Cannot believe you left your camera behind :(

  2. I hate moving too. I have seriously moved 15+ times in the last 10 years, 3 being across country! Booo! So over moving forever.... And my camera, I felt so lost without it and my iphone camera is messed up. It's always blurry and I get super irritated with it as well. Some people can take awesome pictures with their phones, mine not so much. I'm guessing it's because I dropped it at some point. I can't wait for the new one to come out!


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