Friday, May 23, 2014

Think Outside the Toy Box {Summer Fun Series}

Some how it's already nearing the end of May and summer is right around the corner. For many moms that means about 2 weeks of content, occupied children and then 2 and 1/2 months of whinny, bored children. This summer fever, if you will, can put a pretty big damper on what is supposed to be the best time of the year! If we, as mothers, have any chance at breaking this fever, we must ban together. The great news is that I have the perfect solution for us and it goes by the name of Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Fun Series:

 My awesome blogger buddy Amber at From ABCs to ACTs came up with the idea of a summer fun series that involves using ordinary household items and toys in new and inventive ways to put an end to 'summer fever'. She invited me, along with a couple other bloggers, to co-host this series with her, and I gladly accepted. So once a week, starting this Monday, myself, Amber, Katy from Chaos & Kiddos, Katie at View from the Fridge, Becka from Probably Crafting, Echo from The Mad Mommy, and hopefully some other awesome mommy bloggers throughout the weeks will be posting our projects for that weeks specific item: be it a game, craft, experiment, etc. Mine will be geared towards the young toddler age, but the age range of kids among us is wide, so there will be something for everyone. 

Like I said earlier, most of the items we will be using for the projects in this series are things you most likely already have in your house (and if not, the dollar store does)! The main idea behind this Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Fun Series is to break kids of 'summer fever' and get creative with normal, ordinary items we all typically already have laying around the house.
 Below is the list of items that will be used for this series paired up with the day we will share our posts:
May 26 - Glow Sticks
June 2 - Plastic Soda Bottles
June 9 - Paper Grocery Bags
June 16 - Kool-Aid
June 23 - Ice Cream Cones
June 30 - Pool Noodles
July 7 - Wax Paper
July 14 - Puzzle Pieces
July 21 - Paper Cups
July 28 - Plastic Milk Jugs 

And to make this series even better, we decided to make it an open link-up. That means every Monday when the posts go live, you can also link-up a post (new or old) that you created showcasing that certain weeks item in a kid's project, craft, game, experiment, etc. So what all this boils down to is tons of summer fun ideas linked-up in one place and tons of exposure for you if you join in!

 Our desire for this series and the sharing of our ideas is to give some inspiration and hope to get you and your children through the dark days of summer :) So if you're up to the challenge of annihilating the dreaded 'summer fever', then come back on Monday and check out what fun and inexpensive ideas we have all come up with to keep the kiddos entertained and happy!


  1. Sounds like a great idea for a series! I can't wait to read more!

  2. Sounds like a super fun series Julia! I can't wait to check it out with you guys :)

  3. Looking forward to reading more as I have two boys myself and would love creative ideas on how to engage them.

  4. It's hard with my son's age (21 months) because he gets bored and moves on very quickly. I have some fun ideas, but you never know how they will be received. I always come up with stuff I think my son will love and I am wrong half the time. Some of these will be short little activities but some will be more engaging, so I hope you find something that they like in this series!

  5. I hope you are able to get some ideas from it. The cool thing is we are all so different with different aged kids that there will be a lot of variety and ideas for this whole series. I am even excited to see what the others are going to come up with. I have ideas for most of the items but I am still stumped on a couple! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back for the rest!

  6. I am pretty excited to see what come of it too. I don't know what the others are doing so it will be fun to see what everyone come up with. Some of the items have been hard to come up with, so hopefully my creative juices start flowing soon! Thanks for checking it out and hope to see you Monday :)


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