Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Cara Box Reveal

When I became pregnant, I also became blog obsessed. I started following some awesome blogs and soon began to long for what they had: memories that were archived forever. I too wanted a place where I could express my feelings, record my experiences, and document all things Myles. Months and months passed by after Myles was born until I finally decided I needed to quit being a coward and just start my blog. Although I have always prided myself on being different, I can't deny that I am terrified of failure and not being well-liked/accepted. So needless to say, it was a huge deal for me to actually step into this blogging world.

Because I am so new and the blog world is already flooded with mommyhood blogs, I figured I needed to find ways to get involved in the community of bloggers! Fortunately, I found a great opportunity to do so when I was directed to Wifessionals by the blog gods. 
The blog's creator Kaitlyn came up with this awesome idea: Cara Box.

I mean what's better than making new friends, gifts in the mail, and letters of encouragement! Goldmine of an idea in my opinion. So of course I signed up and this is my first box reveal. 

My two partners were Rebecca and Tiffany. They were awesome first partners and I really enjoyed getting to know them. 

The theme for this month was "Take Me to the Fair"

Here is what I received from Tiffany over at Little Gems
When I opened my box this is what I saw!
"Happy Cara Box" *So cute*

I got lots of fun goodies! I'm excited about the straws: I noticed they are pretty popular now so I must use them at gathering when we get settled in our new place. Loving the popcorn and popcorn bags. They will defintely be used for family movie night soon. Myles loves his popcorn (me too) and eating it out of a festive bag makes it that much more of a party! I'm glad I got those scrapbook stickers too because I need to start scrapbooking Myles stuff ASAP!

 Myles clearly loved everything as well! I couldn't get him to keep his hands off of it all!
Little man's grabby hand :)

 Thanks Tiffany! It was such a pleasure to be paired with you!

 I got the pleasure of sending to Rebecca at Overman Life (from the Wife)
I really enjoyed getting to know her and picking out things that I thought fit into her life. She is a very talented seamstress with a beautiful daughter named Payton! Check her out and the post she wrote about the box I sent her here.


  1. the little hand in the pic is adorable...reminds me of my dd but she was off to the side whining for cotton candy! lol I participated for the first time, stop by and check out my link up if you get a chance :)

    1. I will definitely check it out right now! Do you go on BBC? I noticed you used "dd" :)

  2. such a good box!!

    P.S. Isn't it weird that we're all a little worried other blog authors won't like us and then end up meeting some of the nicest people! I'm glad you had a great experience!

    1. Yea it's scary putting yourself out there wondering if people will accept and like you! But I'm glad I have, so far I have really enjoyed all the people I have met and hope it continues that way!!

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