Monday, September 15, 2014

{Kids in the Kitchen}: Strawberry & Banana Shortcake Kabobs & GVIEAWAY

Well here I am back again with Kids in the Kitchen and I haven't posted since last week's dinner post. Part of me really misses blogging regularly and I have a ton of things on my mind lately I want to write about, but time with my little and house duties always come first. I have been keeping so busy lately, I literally don't sit down at all during the day, so when night comes and Myles is in bed, I have been reading and relaxing instead of writing. Seasons of life come and go, so I am just learning to go with the flow and embracing this season as well. I promise I have not totally checked out yet.... Good thing for this series to keep me around at least a bit!

If you are new to the series, check out my introduction post. This week is all about dinner; if you missed the past weeks, here is our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Myles is not a dessert fan, he doesn't like cookies, cakes, or chocolate, so I went with a fruit based dessert and added a little treat for the adults in the house! These would be fun for a party or little get together at your house:

Strawberry & Banana Shortcake Kabobs

What You Will Need
*This makes 12 kabobs*

24 package of pre-made sugar cookies
2 banana
12 large strawberries
Small circle cookie cutter (I used a shot glass)
6 wooden skewers
 Vanilla icing


1. Bake cookies according to package. 

2. While the cookies are baking, cut the strawberries and bananas. Cut bananas into 24 pieces of the same size. For the strawberries, cut the bottom and top off. Then cut each strawberry in half, making 24 pieces. Keep the two pieces from the same strawberry together so that the kabob will stack properly. 

3. When the cookies are done, use the cutter (or shot glass) to cut them while they are still hot. 

4. Cut wooden skewers in half to make 12 smaller skewers. Assume kabobs by staking cookie, bottom strawberry piece, banana, cookie, banana, and top piece of strawberry.

6. Drizzle icing and enjoy! 

And we still have our giveaway going on: 

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  1. This looks off the chain!! Yum!

  2. Awesome! Pure Awesome! I am so making these!

  3. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesSeptember 15, 2014 at 1:53 PM

    First of all, I'm blown away that Myles doesn't like any sweets. My kid would eat all the sweets if I let him (clearly I don't). Second, what a fun twist on a kabob!

  4. This looks so yummy, I wouldn't mind eating like 10 of them myself, lol. Yeah, we definitely have to go with the flow with this season in our lives, some months are crazy busy and others we're able to breathe a little bit. Definitely relax when you get the chance!

  5. im drooling goshhhh

  6. It was pretty amazing! I ate two within 15 minutes! I should have stuck with one because it was the perfect amount of fruit and little cookie, but it was just so good!

  7. They are the perfect little treat! The two small cookies were perfect with the fruit.. although I might have ate two... oops!

  8. I know it's really beyond me! He does like fruit snacks though, like eat a whole box a day if I let him! I am not big into sweets either so maybe that's why. It's funny because sometimes I want him to eat it.. like his birthday, but he just won't. Sometimes he will take one bite, but that's all!

  9. I love this, your little person is even helping! I totally want to make this with my people. Strawberries are a big crowd pleaser around here!

  10. My 18 month old is also addicted to fruit snacks and begs for them all day long!

  11. Sometimes you just have to have 2!!

  12. What a cute idea for a party! This looks simple and delicious. I have several friends who can't eat chocolate, so I think this would be a big hit! Thanks for linking up at The Blogger's Digest :)

  13. Yummy! Love to see kiddos in the kitchen :) Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday.

  14. Love this series! My daughter would absolutely love every part of this! Thanks so much for sharing at Meandering Mondays! Have a great week!

  15. He really just made more of a mess than helped, but I knew he would love to roll the cookies because he is forever grabbing the rolling pin out of the drawer and playing with it. Plus he is a sucker for messes :) We are also obsessed with strawberries around here. I need to really invest in a couple plants for how much we go through!

  16. We are big fans of fruit desserts because we really aren't chocolate eater either. Serve them while the cookie is still warm and moist with the icing drizzled over it.. yum! Thanks for stopping by also!

  17. They seem to really enjoy it. I think it is just being apart of what mommy and daddy are doing that they love.. also creating messes!

  18. It's amazing how much kids love to be in the kitchen. I am trying to capitalize on it now because I am sure once he becomes a teenager he won't want to help at all! He is just so curious and then though it usually ends in a mess, it is still lots of fun and learning going on!

  19. I love everything strawberry!!!!! Seeing Myles at the table helping is so cute. Warms my heart!!

    I wanted to tell you the girl who did my layout has an etsy store (where I found her):

    She customized everything and was real cheap!

  20. We use the term helping very loosely around here :) I love getting him involved though because I feel like it teaches him so much, so I guess it is worth the clean up! Plus messes are what being a kid is all about!

    Thanks for the link. I need to do something around here and I love using others recommendations! Especially yours :)


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