Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Wishlist Toddler Boy 2015

Well we are a little late to the party, but better late than never right..... 
Christmas Wishlist 2015

1. Paw Patrol Christmas Fleece Pajama Set: Last week when I posted our Christmas Wishlist Favorites, I mentioned that Myles complains about any pjs that are too tight. So these are my go-to type of pjs at the moment. I got him two pairs; one Avengers and one Paw Patrol. He only just started knowing about Paw Patrol about a month ago, so he is still quite obsessed and wants all things Paw Patrol.

2. Paw Patrol Zuma Ryder Bath Adventure: I wanted to get him one Paw Patrol toy for Christmas. I was super stoked when I found this one because he desperately needs new bath toys and the bath toy market is pretty weak; #jackpot It's a little more expensive than I think it should be, but it is a pretty good find for our needs. I like that it comes with a dog and Ryder (he has been wanting a Ryder). He is super into imaginative play right now, so I think he will have a blast playing with this set.
3. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game: I wanted to get Myles at least one game for Christmas. We have several already but none that get him engaged enough to actually play the game right. This one has great reviews, so I am hoping that he will like it enough to play it as it's intended. 
4. 3DIT Character Creator Molding Machine: I put this on Myles' list because it serves as more than just a toy. He will love to get little guys to play with and I love that he is helping to make them and learning how they are made in the process. I campaigned my mom to get this one! I'm pretty excited to see how it works and hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

5. Robo-Sauce: We already have tons and tons of books in our house, but we could always use more to put in our rotation. I'm sure you all know how fast a book can get old when you are reading the same ones 7 times a day. This one has great reviews and Myles loves him some robots, so I think it will be a hit.

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera: This is Myles' big Christmas present from my dad. I decided to get Myles several smaller things and ask my dad to get him his one bigger present. As soon as I saw this camera, I knew Myles needed it. We found him an old school manual 35mm film camera a couple months back and he thought it was so awesome. Unfortunately, I didn't load the film the right way, and the pictures didn't turn out. So I had to make up for my mom fail with this amazing new camera. Because it isn't really intended for kid use, I will keep this put away and supervise when he uses it. It seems to be the perfect size for him and the best part is that he will get the pictures instantly! I can't wait to see what he captures!

7. Marvel Avengers Avengers Mash'Ems: Myles (and maybe me as well) have a slight obsession with Mash'Ems. They are so cute and fun to play with. I love squeezing and sloshing them around and Myles loves that he can go crazy playing with them and they won't break. I picked out several different types (superheroes, Paw Patrol. Ninja Turtles, etc.) and asked him which he wanted the most. He picked the Avenger ones and I decided to go with this pack because he already has some and I don't want him to get duplicates with the capsule ones.

8. PLAYMOBIL Private Jet: I absolutely love Playmobil. They have the most fun sets that are prefect for this age. Some have smaller pieces, but I usually just keep them in a bag or put the really small ones away. For the most part, though, Myles is really good with keeping them together (with a little help). I showed him a couple different sets, but he insisted on this plane. This is still a maybe as I am still trying to get him to change his mind for a more engaging set like the doctor's office, vet office, or police station.

9. Osmo Gaming System: This is the full set featuring numbers, words, Tangram
, Newton, and  Masterpiece. It's a little pricey for me, but I know that it will be something we can use for years. I like that you use it with the iPad, but that there are also actual tangible pieces as well. I wish you could buy them separately. I wouldn't be so on the fence if I didn't have to pay for all of them at once when I am not sure how much use he will get out of the higher aged games. I really just want the numbers and words right now, so I think I will look into getting just those.

What have you already bought the littles for Christmas?

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