Tuesday, March 15, 2016

{Second Birthday}: The Many of Faces of Myles & Invitation

I think it's safe to say my Myles Monthly posts are over :( but I did want to share everything from his 2nd and 3rd birthdays before I close that chapter of the blog. 

The first movie Myles ever sat the entire way through (in total awe) was Toy Story at about 20 months. I instantly knew that had to be the theme for his 2nd birthday. He was completely obsessed with Buzz and Woody for a llooonnnggg time, so I wasn't worried about him being over it before his actual birthday came. Because we now live so far from our families, his birthday is a big deal to me. I love the idea of a picture invitation; killing two birds with one stone. I can send a new/updated picture of Myles and the invitation as one. Win, win!

Here are the pictures I took and at the bottom is the invitation I sent out. It was one I found on Etsy. I will link it if anyone is interested.

I took a couple more after his nap to showcase his more everyday, natural look :)

And here is the final invite:

Do you ever to picture invites?

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