Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall Wreath, Thanksgiving Mantle, and Decor

 I'm just a little late to the Thanksgiving decor game, but I figured I would post anyway. It took me forever to decide what to do with my wreath. I started it and then lost all creative juices, so it sat around for a while. Now that it's finally done, my house is ready for Thanksgiving... too bad no one will be here to see it.

But thankfully I have my blog world friends to share it with. 

First is my wreath. The base of the wreath is the same one I used for Halloween. I want to make a new wreath for each holiday every year because I like doing them so much, so I took apart the Halloween one and used it.


-Hay Wreath
-3 9-foot rolls of wide ribbon, 2 (18 feet) of one pattern and 1 (9 feet) of another
-1 roll of very narrow ribbon (I used gold)
-Individual fake leaves (I found bags of 50 at Dollar Tree)
-Small Bells (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
-Sewing pins

1. First take the wide ribbon (the pattern that you have 18 feet of) and wrap the wreath completely (picture 2 below). Secure the ribbon with the sewing pins. 

2. Next, take the other patterned ribbon (9 feet) and attach it to the wreath in a 'wave' design. You can see in pictures 3 & 4 how I did this. Using the sewing pins, I attached the ribbon to the wreath at every dip. Then I shaped the ribbon into a 'wave' by folding it over and creating a crease. (The best ribbon to use for this has the wiring on the edges). At the end, I had excess ribbon, so I looped it around to make a hanger.

3. Then, I wrapped the narrow, gold ribbon around the wreath in the same direction as the first ribbon. I placed the ribbon over each of the dips and wrapped it down around the back. I did this all the way around the wreath and then secured it with the sewing pins. 

4. Next. I used the fake leaves to make a 'bouquet' for the side of the wreath. I just layered the leaves and attached them with a pin. I did 4 separate 'bouquets' made up of around 6 leaves each. So I used about 24 leaves altogether. 

5. Lastly, I found some extra bells I had from another project and tied them together using a wire. I stuck a pin through the wire and into the center of the leaf 'bouquet.'

Next up is my Thanksgiving/Fall Mantle

If you checked out my Halloween Mantle & Fireplace, you may recognize some things. I kept my pictures, mirrors, and orange tapered candles.

1. I had some leaves left over from my wreath so I just scattered them on the mantle around the picture frames. I also added the burlap pumpkin (again from Katy) and the wheat stalk on the end. 
2. I found this glass bowl at goodwill for $10. I put it on a gold plate I had sitting in a cabinet. I used the remaining fake leaves to line the bowl and filled it with huge acorns I found at the park and some decorative balls I had left over from another project. Then on the plate I added some tiny gourds I found at the dollar store. 
3. I made three of these candle holders for the middle of the mantle. I just used a small glass fish bowl from the dollar store and filled it with an apple cinnamon candle and a mixture of plastic table scatter from the dollar section at Target (orange pumpkins and red & brown leaves).
4. I re-purposed the garland I made from Halloween. I kept the orange tassels and added brown in place of the black and maroon in place of the purple. 
5. I also kept the two orange glitter pumpkins from Halloween and placed them in between the glass candle holders.
Main picture: I used the extra roll of ribbon I bought for the wreath (I ended up not needing it) to drape around the mirror. And finally, I added gel clings to the mirror that read "Happy Thanksgiving".


I have a couple other random decorations around the house as well, some of which are compliments of my Fall Cara Box partner Katy. (Be on the look out for that post soon!)

1. Our eat-in dinning room table, complete with festive salt/pepper shakers, a little candle center piece, and a turkey holding our napkins :)
2. Fake paper leaves adorning the kitchen light 
3. I also got some really cute place mats that have die-cut leaves around the edges.
4. One of the towels from Katy (love the color scheme).

How are you all decorating for Thanksgiving? Having guests at your place? What kind of food are you planning on making/eating? I wold love to know!


  1. Very nice and festive... I especially like the sparkly pumpkins!

    1. Thanks! They came from the dollar section at Target! They have so many holiday goodies there and they go on sale too!

  2. Very nice! And you just have to love the dollar section at Target! :)

    1. Yes! It's so bad.. I always think.. "It's only a dollar" then I end up with like 20 things.. all of which I really don't need!

  3. Aw! I need to send you the Pinterest hover widget. Or you can google it. People on Pinterest would pin this a million times :) . Way to recycle what you used for Halloween. I love the fall leaves and the colors. Very nice project and decor item. Thanks for sharing with us on Countdown in Style. Don't forget to come Friday to see if you are featured. xoxo

    1. I think I have the widget. The one where you can pin right from the picture? But I am not as tech savvy as I want to be, so maybe Can you send it to me, so I can see? And thanks for hosting the new link up. Going to check the others out now!

  4. Beautiful decorations! Makes me long to be able to decorate in my own home (fingers crossed before Thanksgiving)!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with Countdown in Style! Don't forget to come back on Friday to see if you were featured!


  5. Thanks so much! This is my first year being able to decorate so I am super excited about it!

    Good luck on the house; hope you get one!


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