Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday: Pet Peeves, Hair Loss, & Some Tears

I am normally not a bandwagon jumper, but I decided that my love for random, snippets of life is just too great to keep passing up Five on Friday! Five on Friday posts are my favorite posts to read every week, so I wanted to join in on the fun.
I think these posts are a cute way to get to know the blogger behind the blog; what's going on in their everyday life, what things they are currently loving, cute pics of the offspring... I love it and I hope you will love mine!
Some really great ladies put this link up together, including Darci and April! Go on over and check out all the other Five on Friday posts; it's a great way to meet new bloggers and grow relationships :)

Amen and Halleluiah...I am so glad I read this post about Nature vs. Nurture over the weekend.  I love reading studies that confirm my parenting style. People hated on me for not letting Myles cry for like the first 4 months of his life. I may not know everything or even much about raising children, but I do know what I feel comfortable with and what I don't. I've had to defend myself on a lot of my choices, so it's nice to have some scientific backup on what I believe is right. Things have changed a lot since Myles was a newborn (trust me, he cries now), but still I always show him TONS of love and he knows where he is safe. I am so looking forward to reading the book as well! I think it's going to be my first Audible app download. 

Three words: Daylight Savings Time... "Fall Back" used to be one of the greatest combinations of words to ever grace my vocabulary! I remember just a few short years ago when DST meant an extra hour at the bar, and before that it meant an extra hour of sleep! And if you know anything about me, you know how much I adore sleep. Unfortunately, sleep is a thing of the past now that I am a mother. It's a good thing I adore something else more now because I definitely could have been admitted to the psych ward because of my lack of sleep this past year.
But I digress... This is the 3rd Daylight Savings Time I have gone through with Myles so far and this one has been the worst! Since I have finally gotten him to sleep through the night (10 hours) about a month ago, he was going to bed around 9:30-10 and getting up at 8am. I wanted to get him going to bed earlier, but he kept taking his nap so late that he wouldn't go to bed until 10pm. I was happy about the 8am wake time though. 

Cue Daylight 'Sucking' Time... now Myles wakes up at 7am. His biological clock is on point; no tricking this kid with a time change. I know it's only an hour, but it has really thrown me off. I usually stay up until 12-12:30 blogging and such, but this week I'm so exhausted by 10, I can barely keep my eyes open. The one good thing is that he is going to bed around 9pm now. He is getting the same amount of sleep, so I should be too... I can just never get any blogging done during the day, so I stay up way too late and then hate getting up in the morning. Really, I shouldn't complain; it's actually a better schedule than before, I just need to get over 7am seeming so early and get to bed earlier. 

After writing that, I feel so ashamed I am complaining about 7am... First World Problems at its finest! 

This is my shower hair art; I'm thinking of opening a museum! I have several other amazing pieces in my archives now! Anyone else want to submit their work?!?
Okay jokes aside, this actually makes me really sad :(
This has been my normal hair loss since I got pregnant. Yea the thick, shinny pregnancy hair that is supposed to be one of the perks of carrying around a baby for 9 months... yup that one completely missed me. My hair was falling out like nobody's business. And it only got worse postpartum.  Every shower would be handful after handful of my already thinning hair washing down the drain. I vividly remember brushing my hair after a shower one day and seeing two huge empty spots on the sides of my forehead... I instantly freaked out.. like panic attack freaked out... It eventually slowed down around 8 months postpartum and it has started to grow back in those spots. 

But at one year postpartum the hair loss came back in full force. The picture above is the typical aftermath of a shower... this is not including what goes down the drain. Three months into this again and I don't know how much longer it can go on before I am bald! I'm not sure if it can even be considered a postpartum symptom anymore. I'm at a loss.. Anyone with any suggestions?

Vent time: I probably have way too many pet peeves to be able to function normally in society. Last week, I had a lesson in learning how to hold my tongue when I encountered one of these:
I had to return something to a store. The cashier returned the item and the total was $6.99. After she opened the register, I asked if I could just give her a penny so I could get an even $7 back. She of course says she can't because she already entered it and it would make her register off.... I so badly wanted to school her in Register 101, but I just said whatever and left. But it got me soooo irritated. I worked a cash register for over 10 years and guess what, cash is cash!! If you give me $6.99 or if I give you a penny and you give me $7, it's the same thing! Your drawer still has the same amount of money in it! It's not rocket science people! You can think outside of the register.. you actually have a brain that should be able to problem solve....Okay rant over!

This video: A friend put this up on Facebook last night and I definitely shed a few tears. I knew just by the name that it would be a tear-jerker. 

Stuff like this always gets me. I could write a whole post just about bullying at school, but I won't go into that here. It really breaks my heart and makes me scared for Myles to grow up. I never want him to feel that sadness. People say it's all just a part of growing up, but I completely disagree. To this day, I can still remember certain comments made to me during grade school that really hurt. And to know Myles will most likely experience that as well and it makes me anxious. I hope when the time comes, I know how to help him deal with it and not let it effect him. 

Kudos to the students in this video for being supportive and encouraging to him, even though at one time they were most likely the ones making fun of him. It's nice to at least see that they are growing and becoming more mature. 

Happy Happy Friday Y'all 


  1. I am definitely not pregnant, but my hair falls out like this everday. It's crazy and so gross!

    1. It sucks! I always heard it is a symptom of an under active thyroid. But I've had mine tested a few times and it's been fine. have you ever seen a doctor about it?

  2. Hi, thanks for linking up on the Journeys of the Zoo Bloglovin Linky, stopping by to see you from and looking forward to reading more of your blog

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoy reading it :) and you stick around! Can't wait to check you out!

  3. I love that someecard. This is my second time change with my baby girl. The first one seemed fine. Maybe I was to tired to notice anyways, but this one has totally got my daughter and I off of our schedule. Thanks for linking up with the Mommy Moments Blog Hop!

    1. I love someecards.. they fit my sarcastic humor perfectly. For some reason, it didn't effect us the other times either. I think last year his sleep was so off anyway that I didn't even think about daylight savings time. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I see has used your hair/shower photo on their website, funny.


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