Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Pajama Party!

I can honestly say that I am so happy with my decision to start blogging. I was very hesitant (read why here), but it has been the best decision I could have made for myself as a new mommy. I had no idea that I was going to become a part of a community of such intelligent, caring, fun, and creative mothers. It has been the biggest blessing in this crazy adventure I am taking into motherhood. It's like my secret world that I can escape to where I share awesome bonds with other women going through the same experiences! I love connecting with new people and link-ups are a great way to do this!

I was totally bummed when I found the Halloween Pajama party, but was too late to join. So I was super excited when I saw that these lovely ladies (NatashaAshleyJenny, Julie, and Darci) decided to keep the party alive by hosting a Christmas Pajama party!

I love baby/toddler jammies: the footed oneies, the snug-fitted two-pieces, the drop-seats, the little animals and adorable sayings, the button up long-sleeves, the big ole diaper butt...
One of my favorite times with Myles is when he just gets out of the bath at night and he's all fresh and clean and ready to put on his jammies. He always looks so stinkin' cute with his hair slicked back and his warm fleece jams on. 
We never seem to be lacking in choices for our minis festive Christmas jammies. Everywhere I go, I see tons of super adorable options. We limited ourselves to two this year, but I will be stocking up at after-Christmas sales for next year!

I feel the need to preface these photos with a little disclaimer: Myles will not stop moving EVER, so I apologize for the bad quality and poor scenery. 
I took the lazy way out and just snapped some shots in bed when we woke up in the morning. But I think he is still cute as a button (I guess buttons are cute?) 

 And of course, Myles in true form! I think he forgot he was wearing his happy jammies :)

 Hope you enjoyed the little man!
The link-up is open until December 30th, so you still have plenty of time to get some pics of your cuties in their Christmas jammies and link-up!

You can also share your photos on Instagram by using this hashtag:  #HollyJollyPjParty


  1. Oh my goodness how adorable! I love Christmas jammies, my whole family rocks them Christmas morning. Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday! XOXO

  2. That seems like a pretty popular tradition! I think we might start that next year! Can't have too many warm, comfy jammies :)


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