Friday, February 21, 2014

Feature Friday: Week 11 {Co-Host}

Welcome to Feature Friday for Week 11 of 
Countdown in Style

This week I was a co-host for Countdown in Style. I was super excited to have won the spot to be a co-host at  April and Brittnei's blog hop. This weeks link-up was so awesome to be apart of. I really enjoyed looking through and reading all your posts. I found so many new blogs to follow that I would have otherwise never knew existed. 

I painstakingly narrowed my favorites down to six, and from there it only got harder to pick just 3! All you ladies are so creative, thoughtful, and inspiring that I really would have loved to just feature everyone! I don't know how April and Brittnei do this every week! It takes a lot of hard work to create and maintain a blog; and the caliber of your blogs is far above standard. I know how nice it feels to be recognized for all your work, so I applaud and send encouragement to all of you!
With that said, here are my features:

Breastfeeding hurts!: Uncovering 11 Breastfeeding Myths and Lies by Katelyn from What's up Fagans

If you are a reader of my blog, then it's probably evident that I am huge breastfeeding advocate.. at least I hope so. 18 months strong with my son Myles and it's been the best decision I have made so far as a new mother. I love to help, support, and encourage breastfeeding mothers as much as possible. It isn't always easy but it is 100% worth it! It saddens me how many women choose not to try breastfeeding or give up so quickly. I think most of their decisions are based off of myths and untruths and not enough support. That is why it is so important for breastfeeding moms to share their real-life experiences about breastfeeding. We need to encourage other mothers/soon-to-be-mothers and get the right information out there. I think Katelyn does this perfectly in her post. They are all so true from my experience as well. 

10 Toys for Speech and Language Development by Michelle at The MaMade Diaries

I picked Michelle's post because it was one that I will benefit from. My son Myles is 18 months old and is at the age where his brain is becoming a sponge. He is learning new words and skills everyday. Because he doesn't go to daycare or 'school', it is my job to teach him and prepare him for preschool. To be honest, I am at a complete loss when it comes to educational toys/games. Of course I want him to learn and be on par with his peers, but I don't want to push too much onto him. Once he starts school, he's going to be there for a long time... I just don't want to rush everything. I think it will all happen in time, but I know that I have to step up my teaching game. I can tell he learns a lot just by playing and reading with me, but I think it is time to start doing some more planned and deliberate learning activities. I really love this list that Michelle put together. She even gives ideas for how to work on speech and language with each of the toys! I want everything on her list, but I am really eying the art jar and alphabet puzzle. And I know Myles would love the farm animals; he has several animals noises down already. I love watching his little mind work :)
Any other advice on educational toy, games, etc. is much appreciated!

Let Me Count the Ways by Rea at REAlity Bites

I'm not a very lovey-dovey person by nature. I'm not a big romantic and I tend to shy away from being touchy-feely as well. I understand the importance of it all in a relationship though. I know my boyfriend needs to feel affection and love from me; I'm just not good at it. It's something I have to consciously think about and work on everyday. That's why I really liked reading Rea's post. I can totally relate to not wanting to be in a crowded, impersonal place to celebrate the special love between you and your significant other. Valentine's Day should be about showing your person how much you appreciate them and everything they mean to you. Personal, homemade gifts are the best. Putting thought and effort into something will make anyone feel really special and Rea killed it with the present she came up with for her husband. I am so impressed with her commitment and dedication to writing out 100 reasons why she loves her husband. I am totally impressed and quite inspired by her generous and loving spirit. Almost makes me want to make one of these.... almost :)
Don’t forget to pop over and see what posts were featured in April’s and Brittnei's lists.
 Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Awww, thank you so much for featuring me Julia! I'm so glad you like my post and this just made me smile today! :) I was reading through this post and was honestly surprised when I saw my name.. so thank you once again for your kind words about me and my blog. Much appreciated! Thanks too for sharing other good reads, I can surely benefit from the breastfeeding info and the language development.

  2. Everyone has a love language. My husband isn't as affectionate as me but he definitely shows it through actions, like bringing me a treat when he stops at the store or whatever. I think you're doing fine with Myles with regards to teaching him things. And the whole breastfeeding thing- I'm so jealous. My son was sick of me by 8 months. He wanted nothing to do with me after that. :[

  3. Thanks for featuring my breastfeeding post! I'm so glad you loved it! Breastfeeding is the best!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me Julia!! It's incredible how much kids learn through play, and they don't even realize that they are working on important things like speech or other developmental skills! I will be doing a couple more posts like that one soon to share more ideas!

  5. It really is and I totally agree with all you said. I feel like so many women have the wrong information about breastfeeding, so I love to be able to share the truth and real-life experiences with other moms. Thanks for writing it and letting me share :)

  6. It was a really helpful post for me so I hope it will be for others too. I think these are such important times in their development, we have to really pay attention to what they are learning. Thanks for sharing and giving such great ideas for the toys. Can't wait to read more :)

  7. I'm happy to have made you smile! You totally deserve it! You have achieved Superwoman status in my book! I meant everything I said too! It's so nice to meet genuinely good people. I need positive inspiration in my life! I am enjoying following your blog now. So glad to have found you :)

  8. I am more of an action person too. I try to be very thoughtful when it comes to gifts and such, or random ways to show I was thinking of him. It is just the compromising of the different love languages that is the hard part for me.

    I was ready to be done breastfeeding a couple months ago when he was still trying to feed all day long.. literally! I was going crazy, but he has gone down to 3-4 times a day now and I can handle that much better. I'm not sure when he will ever be done though. I have the opposite problem of you. He is super attached. I'm hoping for 2 but I'm not sure at this rate!


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