Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Bird is the Word

Last week I talked about how Myles and I got to go back home to Illinois for a surprise visit to see our family at the end of last month. So far I have shared our trip to the Apple Orchard and the Pumpkin Patch. Today I am sharing our adventure at the conservatory. A couple of years ago they did a total rehab on the conservatory in our city. It desperately needed to be done, but it is bittersweet because the place I used to go as a child is no longer there and even though it was a hot mess, I sort of miss it! Anyway, I have taken Myles there before (breakfast with Santa last year) but while we were in town they had a lorikeet exhibit that I knew Myles wouldn't want to miss. Plus my mom had free tickets.. so no-brainer! 

We bought a little cup of nectar and stepped into what felt like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's Birds! The birds were beautiful, but LOUD and not at all afraid to get in your face. (BTW please excuse the no make-up and mom hair.. this is me on a normal day!)

Myles was way more hesitant towards them than what I thought he would be. I think the noise level and abrasiveness of the birds freaked him out. He was cool for the first couple of minutes but then he wanted them to go away and kept telling them to 'get off mommy'!

Then a bird landed on Myles....

...starting biting his shirt, and he was over it!

After the birds we ventured out into the rest of the conservatory. I played a bit with my camera. I am still learning how to take pictures with it. I would love any recommendations for tutorials, etc. for the Cannon Rebel T3i. I really still have no idea what I am doing!

Then we happened upon the fish and Myles was the happiest boy alive.

With the help of dad's brilliant idea, Myles started bopping them on the head. He was barely touching them, but he thought it was the funniest thing in the world and the fish weren't the least bit scared. I am guessing they must feed them this way because they were all over Myles and let him touch them over and over. He followed them all around the conservatory and had a hard time saying goodbye!

Although it was a bit chilly outside, we couldn't pass up checking out the outdoor scenery as well. Myles' favorite part was asking "where'd the water go?" every 5 seconds even though water features all around us! 
Our last stop was to see the ducks: both real and fake :)

Have you ever been to a conservatory or bird exhibit?


  1. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesOctober 17, 2014 at 6:09 AM

    We have a Lorikeet forest at the aquarium we frequent. Marcus LOVES the birds. Me, not so much. So, it's a treat for Marcus when we go in to the area and he gets to feed them. I'm always blown away by how much he likes them, and how terrified of them I am. Ha!
    Your conservatory looks awesome!!

  2. What a beautiful place! Love that he was all into it... until the bird started chewing on his shirt. Then he was done! What conservatory did you guys go to?

  3. I always think I'm more brave than I am. I suffer from inflated confidence. This is definitely something I'd do and think "OH I AM GOING TO LOVE THIS!" only to scream, cry and run away. I only know this because my brother-in-law has a ridiculously huge bird and he brings it around and I swear that thing is after me. He has a serious grudge! So I know now I hate birds.

    BUT! I love this place for other people! OMG OKAY since you referenced the movie Birds, did you know crows have facial recognition and will remember people that fuck with them? They will call out for other crows to attack said people??? Yeah. That's messed up huh.

    I love these pictures!!!!!!!!!

  4. One on one they are okay, but when there are like 20 plus, it gets to be super overwhelming! I still think it's a neat experience, but not anything I need to do too frequently!

  5. This was a conservatory back in Illinois where we are from. I haven't seen one out here yet. I think there is a flower garden or something like that in the Golden Gate park. Out here all the plant life can just be outside and beautiful!

  6. Birds have no fear!! They just do whatever they want and we have to just hope they don't kill us! But really what do we expect when we trap them in a cage for our entertainment! That is so creepy about the birds! How would that be to die by bird attack!


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