Friday, April 8, 2016

5ive on Friday: Life Currently

If you get my 5ive reference.... "Did we just become best friends?" Back in an earlier life, I saw 5ive in concert when they were the openers for NSYNC. My friend and I studied all the dance routines from their concert special on Disney Channel. If you remember when Disney Channel used to air full concerts of all the greats (NSYNC, B*Witched, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears) then we just jumped from best friends to soulmates. The GOOD OLD DAYS people!

Ok back to the actual post. I am working on some top secret new projects related to this here blog, but they are slow moving right now because family always comes before work for me. But I promise they are coming soon! In the meantime, here are five things we have been up to lately:

1. In my last life update post, I talked about how I was getting ready for the Just Between Friends kids consignment sale. I have sold a lot of Myles' old stuff on Facebook, consignment stores, etc. but I still had most of his 2t-3t clothes and a ton of books/movies/toys that he recently outgrew pilling up in our garage. We talked about having a garage sale, but we really didn't have anything else to sell besides Myles' things. So when I got an email about the upcoming sale I thought why not give it a try. I plan on doing a whole post just on the process/results of the sale, but I did get my check back this week and wanted to quickly share that. Without going in to too much detail yet, I would say that in this particular instance, the money was well worth the time/effort put into selling at JBF.   

 2. My mom had took time off of work for a vacation to Florida she was planning with my step-dad, but my step-dad got a new job and couldn't take the time off to go with her. So sad right.... well not for me because I got asked to be the new travel buddy! We were going back and forth for a week or so deciding where to go, and then one night my mom sends me this email:

I'm so excited I don't even know how to act. It still feels not real to me, so I will probably not freak out until I am actually on the plane. The longest I have ever been away from Myles is like 8 hours (a couple different times), so I am a bit anxious about that. I know he will be fine and this is a much needed vacation, but I still will miss him dearly! It may sound crazy to non-parents, but a lot can change in just four days when we are talking about toddlers. T-minus 3 weeks!
3. I am currently in the process of changing Myles' room. We kept his blue and brown geometric nursery decor for 2 years. We moved into a new house just weeks before Myles turned 2, so I figured it was the perfect time to change the theme. I decided to go with dinosaurs (some dinosaur DIYs) just because it was the most timeless/neutral theme we both liked. That lasted about another two years, until it was time for a big boy bed. I could tell his convertible toddler bed wasn't going to last much longer and we just happened to have an extra full mattress that wasn't being used. So another perfect time to change the theme. I always try to convince him of something that he isn't going to grow out of within a couple months (toddlers change their likes pretty often!) and this time we chose 'outer space'! I love it because it is teaching him and it's fun! I have a ton of DIYs that I am working on and will be posting when they are finished, but for now here is his bed:
Target Pillowfort collection for the win!

4. We have been steadily adding to our smashed penny collection! I have always been big on 'life experiences/memories over things/stuff'. People probably think I'm a bit nuts when it comes to taking Myles places, but I will always choose to spend my money taking him places over buying him things! But we have to have souvenirs to remember the places by, right!?! The thing about me is though that I hate 'stuff'. I am a minimalist to the extreme. So the penny collection couldn't be more perfect! They all fit neatly in this cute passport book my mom got us and takes up very little extra space! I hope one day we will fill this all up and have to get another one. If your a penny collector like us, you have yo check out this website listing the locations of all the machines the whole world!

5. I'm not sure why it took me so long, but I finally created a Facebook page for my blog! I would love it sooo much if you guys would like the page and also leave a link to your Facebook blog pages so I can like you back :)

 I love following great blogs on all social media. Drop me links in the comments below so I can link up with you guys!


  1. I was totally obsessed with watching those full concerts on Disney Channel! Especially N*SYNC because they are my forever love, ha!

  2. When I was writing this I googled it to see if there was an actual name for them and I was surprised there is actually a wikipedia page! Man they had all the great pop stars of the late 90s! Such good times. I loved NSYNC the best too!

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