Monday, April 11, 2016

Petaluma Classes and Entertainment Guide

Moving across the country to a city that you know absolutely nothing about is a very humbling experience. Besides a year in Florida, I had lived my whole life in the same city in Illinois. It is a decent sized city (second to Chicago), but it doesn't take long to learn everything the place has to offer (kids entertainment, food, classes, schools, etc.). People complain that there is nothing to do there all the time, but still I think we all find huge comfort in knowing a place well. 
It has been exciting discovering a new city (and surrounding areas), but it doesn't come without its frustrations. Even today with all the technology (apps, websites, social media), it can be hard to find everything that is available. And as a (mostly) SAHM, I need to know all the possible options to help get us out of the house. In my efforts to do so, I have come up with some pretty comprehensive lists. I figured others would find them of good use as well, so I am sharing them here publicly on my blog. I have broken them down into different categories and here is my first: 

This is an index of classes for children listed by category. At the end, I also added paid entertainment/entertainers to hire for parties. The file is uploaded to Google Drive in PDF format, so click the link above or below to open it. You can download and either save it, print it, or screen shot it from your smartphone. That way you can always have it.

Also, if you have any additions or suggestions please comment below or email me 


  1. I absolute hate having to learn a new city! While I am adventurous, a new place always feels daunting. What a helpful post!

    1. I totally agree! It's exciting because it's new, but the older I get, the more anxious I get having to do it! Thanks!


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