Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Preschool Promotion

Last week I posted a short picture review of Myles' first year of school. 
During his last week, he also had a promotion ceremony/performance. Since none of our family could be there, I wanted to post some pictures and videos here. 

Side note: I still haven't devoted much time to figuring out my camera. I really need to learn to take better quality pictures. Anyone with a Canon T3i want to give me a crash course?!?!

Here he is with his three teachers:

Myles was the youngest in his class and also the smallest. I love it because I can still pretend he is little. These first few are from songs they sang.


Getting his certificate:

Typical Myles face:

His whole class:

Me and my preschool 'graduate':

Myles and his friend Leo:

Next year, we have Myles signed up for what we are calling 'big boy school'. It is called transitional kindergarten, like a step in between preschool and kindergarten. It is a full-day, so we are nervous but excited. For now, we will be celebrating summertime and a birthday coming up for him!

Did your kids go to preschool or any schooling before kindergarten?


  1. How cute. He sounds like he is growing up so fast.

    1. I know it's the most cliche saying ever, but it is so true. The days are long, but the years are so short!

  2. Oh my goodness, what an adorable little program!

    1. I wasn't sure how well 25 3-5 year olds were going to handle standing around for 30 minutes, but they actually did very well! And the songs of course! I'm holding on to those for his teenage years!


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