Friday, December 5, 2014

My Brother, The Eagle Scout

When we went back to Illinois in August to celebrate Myles' 2nd birthday, we also celebrated a huge milestone in our family's life; my brother officially became an Eagle Scout. This was really emotional for me as I have been really close to my brother since he was a little and I am so proud of him (and my mom for making him finish it!)

But enough talking.... 
(sorry for some of the poor quality pictures. I had a toddler clinging to my hip while I was trying to capture these.)

Mother pinning son:

Son pinning mother:

Of course Myles spotted the derby cars and had to play:

A special kind of love:

Aunt and nephew:

Best friend:

Some more aunt love:

The proud parents:

The best photo with everyone looking and the bro had to give the bunny ears!

My everythings (minus a few)

My mother and her sisters:

It was such a great day celebrating my brother and I am so glad we were able to be there to watch him become a man! Next stop.. high school graduation!