Thursday, July 25, 2013

Laughter IS the best medicine

You know when you have one of those days...
Nothing goes right, you're just trying to hold on by a thread, and your best solution is to crawl into a cave and never come out...

It all becomes a little more complicated when you have child... the whole crawling into a cave thing really isn't an option anymore (not mentally or physically)... So you have to find other coping methods that allow you to still take care of your child and keep them safe. 

This happened to me the other night. I have had the whirlwind of my life the past three weeks as I moved across the country with an 11 month old TODDLER. He has adjusted pretty well, but he has been a bit more clingy. Completely understandable as he is now in a very foreign place with some very special people missing from his everyday life. This one particular night Myles was all over me and I couldn't get a break. I had a huge glass of orange juice and was about to let him have a drink when he decided to grab the glass. Of course it spilled all over the white carpet. Now I know this was not his fault and I wasn't upset with him, I was just irritated that it happened and really did not want to clean it up.

I know this probably sounds silly, but if you're a SAHM, I'm sure you know the feeling sometimes. Now what I really wanted to do at that moment was crawl into the cave, but realistically that is not possible for me. So here's where your other coping methods come into play. If someone else can watch your kid, go take a 15 minute break. If you don't have that option, this is what I suggest:

Make your child laugh.. Most parents know their child's go to laughter agent. Whatever that may be for them, DO IT. Nothing is better than hearing your baby laugh. It pretty much cures everything. It truly is the best medicine! 

Now go on... make them laugh.. I promise you'll instantly feel better.. 

This even works if you aren't around your kids (like at work) and are annoyed/irritated... record one of their best laughs and watch it whenever you need to.

Currently, I can't stop watching these:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

We've Got a WALKER

We have officially reached the BIG one:

Myles is walking... yes full on walking!

He had been taking a few steps here and there for a couple weeks, then last Monday he figured out how to stand up on his own (not needing something to help him pull up). Once he figured that out, it was game over for this momma! That night he spent about an hour taking 5/6 steps, falling down, standing up, and then taking steps again; over and over again. I am using that day as his official first day of walking: July 1st. Since then he is walking more and more and crawling less and less. If he has his ball in his hands, he walks like a seasoned pro! He still falls a lot, but the length of his walking is getting longer by the day! 

Here is Myles at 10 1/2 months doing his thang!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SunKissed VoxBox: Olay Fresh Effects, Dr. Scholls for Her, GoodyOuchless, and Sinful Shine

This week I received my first VoxBox! 
A VoxBox is a box of products sent to you based on your interests and brand usage through a program on Influenster. The VoxBox I received was the Sunkissed VoxBox. This box was inspired by summer time and included some awesome beauty products for her! 

Here is what was in my box: 

Dr. Scholls for Her High Heel insoles

From the Dr. Scholls website:
Dr. Scholl's® For Her High Heel Insoles are proven to improve the way you feel in heels. The unique design helps prevent foot aches and pains caused by high heels two inches and higher. Plus, the ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off the ball of your foot while providing guaranteed all-day comfort. 

I am actually quite impressed with these. The gel is super soft and comfy, the arch support really helps take the pressure off of your heel and toes, and they are easy to insert or remove as needed. I don't wear high heels that often anymore because they are not practical being a new mom, but having these insoles makes be want to strap on a heel just so I can take advantage of their comfort. I did try to put them in a normal flat, but it felt really weird on my foot. So I can definitely say that these are made only for heels. Looking forward to a date night in which I can put these to the true test. (update soon)

SinfulShine with Gel Tech nail polish

From the SinfulShine website:

5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe. Gel Tech technology provides opulent, rich color and a brilliant shine finish!
I was pretty excited when I found out I was getting nail polish in my box. I'm forever on the hunt for affordable, quality nail polish. Most of the stuff I have starts chipping off the next day and just looks cheap (because...well... it is!) I am a little disappointed in the color :( I'm not a fan of yellow and it definitely does not compliment my skin tone. I would have been happy with any of the other colors in this line other than the yellow. However, I do love this polish. It goes on smooth, thick, and shiny! It's quality is great for the price (2.99 for Gel Tech, 1.99 for regular). I will be buying this in other colors that I will actually wear!

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

                                           From Olay website:

6 Skin Perfecting Benefits: Refreshes, Brightens, Evens Tone, Hydrates, Smoothes, Protects. All-in-one solution for instantly brighter-looking, smoother-feeling, more even skin tone. 
Fresh & free: No oil or PABA. Just the good stuff. BB Cream, also known as beauty balm, is one of Asia's hottest beauty sensations. Its multi-tasking formula works to moisturize, brighten and help protect skin from harmful UV rays. This silky, tinted lotion blends effortlessly with your natural skin tone, helping hide imperfections and minimizing the need for concealer and foundation. With just one use, skin will be left glowing and naturally even.

                                                                               Purchase here or here

I have struggled with acne and the aftermath of its evilness since I was in middle school. Now my skin is FAR from perfect or even decent and it's something I am super self-conscious about. I have always wished of having nice skin, but I have not found my miracle yet. As a new mother (clearly my excuse for everything), I don't have the time or energy to mess with make-up. I rarely ever put it on; maybe once a week or two. I also don't like putting a lot of product on my face because of my history of acne. So on most days my face routine consists of wash and lotion.  
Recently I have been seeing a lot of commercials about this new product called BB cream. Naturally when I was browsing Target one day and saw Garnier BB Cream on an end cap, I was intrigued. I read the box, and it pretty much sounded like the perfect product for me and so I couldn't pass up trying it out. Now I will say that it isn't the perfect product, but I do really like it. There is just enough tint to cover my imperfections while not being as thick and 'cakey' as concealer or foundation. SPF is a bonus! The only thing I really don't like about the Garnier BB cream is that the texture is very thin and runny so it comes out of the bottle fast and there is always a bunch in the cap when I open it up. 
I was excited about getting the Olay BB cream in this box. I love the idea of BB cream so I'd like to be able to test them all out. I have only used the Olay a couple time now so I can't really attest to any long term effects, but I will have to say that I believe that it does everything it says. I like the texture a lot better with this cream (a little thicker) and it also smells good! After using it my skin was super soft; even the next morning it felt smoother. The tint is nice and it does even my skin tone a little, but it definitely is not flawless. I don't expect it to be though because my skin is quite horrid, so for what it is working with it does a pretty good job! I will keep using it and probably stick with the Olay brand in the future. Below is me after using the cream.

From the Goody website: 
Goody’s NEW Ouchless Ribbon Elastics offer you a unique hair tie to personalize your ponytail. As beautiful as ribbons but soft and stretchy too, these hair ties are “knot” your average elastic. New Ribbon Elastics are both comfortable and fashionable, plus look great in your hair or on your wrist.
Lastly, I received these hair ties. This was another product I was happy about getting in the box. I had never heard of them before I received them, but I glad I have them now! They are super cute, very versatile, and come in the perfect colors. I'm not creative when it comes to hair and such, so having the ribbon helps put a cute little touch to my style. They are comfortable in your hair and are very OUCHLESS! I am currently in the process of growing my hair out, so I am excited to get to use these more as more styles become accessible. 

All-in-all I am very happy with my first VoxBox and satisfied with the products. Perfect products for my lifestlye and interests! Can't wait for the next!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Anyone use these products? What are your thoughts/opinions on them?