Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pregnancy V: Babymoon and Birthday

       This is my last pregnancy post. If you have stuck it out thus far, thank you! I promise more fun stuff to come :) Again if you missed any of the previous, read them here, here, here, and here.  

      This last post is going to be a little different for me... very little writing and lots of pictures. This feels so wrong, but here goes... 
     We were originally going to take our babymoon during my work spring break, but the threat of a strike (and then an actual strike) put a damper on that plan. Honestly, I was kind of glad because I needed a real break from school; one in which I did nothing for a whole week but be huge and lazy! So we moved the trip to two days after I finished for the school year. I was 29 weeks when we went. Mark took me to my MOST favorite city ever: San Fransisco! I am in love with that city and the weather was perfect for a 7 month preggo!
 I was nervous for the flight being that I was so far along, but it actually wasn't bad at all. I waited until the last possible minute to get on the plane so I wasn't sitting longer than needed and made sure to get an aisle seat. I went to the bathroom and walked around a couple times and that was it. No problems at all and I was definitely grateful! Even though this was not my first time in the city, I was still blown away by its beauty and cultural flavor.

Day One:
 We arrived in San Fransisco in the early evening and picked up our hamster mobile, aka the Kia Soul. We found a hotel in downtown San Fran and headed out to explore and find a place for dinner. San Fran streets were a definite work out for my pregnant lady legs! Walking is a lot less scary than driving though... there were quite a few times I thought the car might just flip backwards trying to drive up those steep hills! We found a small Japanese restaurant in a cute neighborhood! After dinner, we explored some more before calling it a night.

Yummy.. food! (You'll see a lot of these pics.. I was preggo!)

Day Two:
All of day two was spent being typical San Fran tourists. We had breakfast outside, then walked around the piers for a couple hours. Then we took a sight-seeing trolly ride (totally recommend) all through San Fran. We ended the day with a nice stay in the business/shopping district.   

Prefect weather!!
Getting my Rosie on!
The trolly took us across the Golden Gate Bridge


Day Three:
I convinced Mark to take a trip south down Highway 1 to check out the 17-Mile Drive. If you end up in the bay area, this is a MUST. Even if you aren't a water person, you will be in awe of the beauty of the coastline on this drive. For me (a water lover), it is the most peaceful place I've ever been.

On our way to the 17-Mile Drive we stopped at a beach for some photo ops.

This does not even come close to doing it justice.. beauty in its simplest form.
Day Four:
This day was spent visiting friends and family in the area. I got to meet one of my late grandpa's brother's sons for the first time. We went to dinner and they graciously let us stay at their house for a night. I don't know why, but I don't have any pictures from this day :(

Days Five and Six: 
These two days were spent exploring areas we had on our list for moving to. We checked out a couple of houses in our price range to get an idea of what we could afford. We also drove around to get a feel for what the cities were like. We went to a couple of restaurants and a mall and got to stay at my favorite hotel chain Microtel (lol). Our last night there we had a date for our four year anniversary that was the week before. We had dinner, then went to a movie. We saw The Dictator.. not a very good date movie, but we like comedies the best.

And then of course we get to day seven.... the worst day of them all... going home day.. booo
As you can see, I'm not very happy here.
 I have about 5 other pictures of us eating and a couple...hundred of random people doing random things that Mark finds interesting enough to take pictures of everywhere we go. I'll spare you the pointlessness of a lesbian couple at dinner, a mailwoman on her delivery route, a couple getting married, two dogs tied up to a bench, wall decorations at the airport.. I could go on and on, but I'll end saying it was an awesome trip as our last as just the two of us.

                       My 27th(?) Birthday                                        
                                                                 ... I seriously don't know how old I am anymore

  Because I decided to have one huge shower for all our family and friends, I really wasn't able to visit and spend time with anyone for very long at my shower. So I asked my mom to help me coordinate a birthday party. It was about a month after my shower; I was 35 weeks and still miserably hot. Even still, it turned about to be exactly what I wanted/needed. 

It's pretty funny looking back at these pictures because for some reason I didn't think I was that big for 35 weeks!! HA.. Who was I kidding I am huge! And no Mark and I did NOT plan to match.. how creepy!

I can still see my feet!.. Although I may have been leaning forward a bit ;)

ICE CREAM CAKE... enough said!

And then my favorite pictures from the day.... these 4 pictures explain my mom and I perfectly.

Comparing bellies :)

My belly wins!!!

Trying to touch bellies and noses.... yea we weren't too successful because....

...we couldn't stop laughing... Totally my best friend!

Stay tuned for Myles Birth Story coming up next


  1. im new to your blog.
    love your pregnant belly :)

    1. Aww thanks so much. I wasn't a fan of being pregnant, but the out one is well worth it! I'm following you at Bloglovin :)


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