Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY: Halloween Wreath

This is my first DIY post and I am super excited to start sharing more! 
In the spirit of Halloween (my favorite holiday), I am going to show you all what I did for my very first DIY wreath!

What you will need
One wreath 
(I used a straw one, but you can use a Styrofoam or whichever you prefer) 
2 bags of old school Halloween spiderweb with the plastic spiders
(I found mine at the dollar store)
One decorative black crow 
(Also found at the dollar store)
Long Satin Sewing Pins


1. Get your wreath and place it on your working surface.

2. Get the spider webs and unwrap them until they are all unrolled and flat.

3. Wrap the wreath with the web. Start by placing one end of the web on the wreath (one end should be about 6 inches wide). From there wrap the web around the wreath, going up through the inner hole and then back down around the outer part of the wreath. Keep repeating, moving the web a couple inches over every time you make one wrap of the web. 

You may need another bag of the spider web. If so, just start where you left off and continue wrapping until the wreath is completely covered.  

4. When you are finished wrapping the web, use the sewing pins to secure the web to the wreath. Pull any thicker parts towards the back and pin them. 

5. Add the spiders around the wreath in any pattern you wish. Lastly, add the crow or any other decorations you wish! 

How are you decorating for Halloween around your house?


  1. Cute! Great DIY! Thanks for linking up to the Mom-Lovin hop today! Hope to see you again! Will be following on Bloglovin

    1. Thanks so much for checking me out! I am headed your way right now! See you soon!

  2. Fun!

    I'm completely slacking on Halloween decorations. I have my boxes of decoration out in the living room... that counts for something, right?

    1. Of course! When people come over just tell them to look through the boxes and use their imagination as to what it would look like all put up! Hehe.. I'm just excited because it's my first year really decorating for the holidays and I want to be festive for my son!


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