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Myles Monthly: 2

As you may know, I didn't decide to start my blog until my son Myles was about 8 months old. And well... now he is 13 months old! So I am focusing on getting caught up with monthly updates and monthly favorites, so I can get, and hopefully stay, up to date with current times. 

September 15th-October 14th, 2012

Born: 7 lbs 6 oz and 19.5 inches
2 months: 13 lbs and 23 inches 
Them thighs..ooowwwee
 Eating: Eating was going quite well. Myles loved (and still does) to breastfeed, I think he would stay nursing all day/night long if I let him. During the second month, I decided to start giving him pumped milk more often. During the day, he mostly got bottles (one bottle of formula and the rest breast milk) and at night, he would drink from the source. I did start giving him a little formula; about one bottle a day. Because I had decided to give bottles during the day, I sometimes didn't have enough milk stored up. On those occasions, I would give him a formula bottle (usually the first bottle of the day or if he was being watched by someone else.) He usually ate about 3 oz about every 2-3 hours. 
I had decided to exclusively pump during the day because I wanted to know how much he was eating. When I breastfed, I could never tell how much milk he was actually getting, so whenever he fussed I just assumed he was hungry. I was desperately trying to get him on a schedule, so I thought that I would start with getting him to eat every certain amount of hours. In the beginning it went pretty well. I got him on a schedule of eating about every 2-3 hours (It wasn't long before I completely gave up on this though... see next month). I also tried giving him formula before bed in an attempt to get him to sleep longer.... FAIL! It literally made no difference how much he ate at night, he still woke up every 1-3 hours.
 But as far as breastfeeding goes, he continued to do great and still took a bottle with no problems as well.

Holding the bottle by himself :)

Sleep: The dreaded sleep topic.. Writing this a year later has definitely softened the blow, but trying to get Myles to sleep almost put me over the edge. (I plan on writing a whole post just about his sleep, so in these updates, I am just over to be brief). From that very first night in our hospital room, Myles was not destined to be a sleeper. 
I couldn't get him to nap during the day unless we went for a ride in his stroller or car seat. And as soon as I stopped, he would wake up. I could hold him while he napped sometimes, but as soon as I moved or tried to move him, he would wake up. A couple of days he was awake for 8-9 hours with no nap.. at 2 months old!! I thought I was about to go crazy... nothing I did helped.. nothing. And night time sleep wasn't any better. I spent countless hours reading tips on how to get him to sleep. I tried all sorts of different things, but he was not having it. On the very rare occasion (maybe two to three times) that he did sleep for an extended amount of time, it was completely random. If I tried to create the same schedule the next night, he would just go back to not sleeping again. 
He had no consistency in his night time sleep either. Even though we had a good night time routine (bath, snuggles, nursing, etc.) and he went to bed at the same time every night, he would always wake up at different intervals all night long, usually anywhere between 6-10 times a night. Throughout the night, he would wake up anywhere from every 30 minutes to 2 hours (a couple times he had a longer first stretch) and it was always different every night.

During the first month, I slept in the living room on the couch while Myles slept in the bassinet part of his pack n play. I was not getting any sleep that way because of the light and sounds all night/morning long. Some nights I would "sleep" on a rocking chair in his nursery, while holding him, but it didn't help us sleep any better. I tried moving into our bedroom, but it was uncomfortable for me to feed Myles sitting up in bed. Plus Mark is a loud 'sleeper'. Putting Myles in a different room wasn't an option either.  Because he was still getting up so many times a night, it would have been even more exhausting to have to go all the way to another room every time he woke up.
He only wanted to be held; and he would know the moment I set him down because he would start fussing around and making this weird grunting noise. I tried to put him in a swing, thinking maybe the rocking would help him feel like I was holding him. Didn't work.. I eventually was able to get him to sleep by nursing, but if I moved him after that, he would wake up right away again. Then one day I was reading on a mommy forum and I discovered the side-lying position for breastfeeding. It seemed like a good idea because Myles would be able to nurse to sleep like he was but I wouldn't have to move him. And so began my co-sleeping journey! I will say that co-sleeping and side-lay nursing was an overall improvement on our sleeping situation because Myles was getting a little bit better sleep. However, it didn't help with the number of times he woke up at night. That got worse overtime... a LOT worse. 
And so the sleep saga continues on....
But when I could finally get him to sleep... so adorable!

Napping with his Pa

Health: Myles did encounter some health issues this month. At around 5 weeks, I decided to take Myles to the doctor because of his constant crying, restless sleeping, and grunting during sleep. From what I read, I thought it was a reflux problem. He was also gassy and seemed to always have an upset tummy. I saw a different doctor when I went and she couldn't tell me anything. A couple of days go by and I just couldn't handle seeing my baby crying all the time for a reason I could not figure out. I went back to the doctor and requested to see one that I actually knew. He asked me about his poops and until then I hadn't really thought too much about it. By that time, I realized that he hadn't pooped in several days. Upon examining Myles, the doctor discovered he had an anal fissure. 
Umm Hmm... just as bad as it sounds :( Basically it is a little tear in the thin skin around the butt hole. The doctor gathered that since I had started giving Myles one formula bottle a day, he got constipated. The tear most likely occurred because he was pushing to poop and the skin tore. So the doctor suggested we start using a soy based formula because he may have had a milk protein allergy. I also had to give him anal suppositories for a week to heal the fissure. Let's just say that I am glad that is over! Sometimes is was easy and he didn't fuss at all, but other times it just broke my heart seeing him in pain. We went back a week later and it was pretty much healed and over the next couple months his tummy and pooping got better as well. 
Myles also got his first set of shots at his two month appointment. I had been contemplating whether or not to get Myles vaccinated for a long time. I know it is a very controversial subject (one in which I do not want to get into), so I will just say that I did a lot of research and eventually decided to get them. To this day and three rounds of shots later (I delayed his 12 month shots), and I still feel very conflicted about it. I don't know if I am making the right choice; there are so many variables, it just seems impossible to know what is the absolute best route to take. I want my child protected (and the whole population for that matter), but I am very wary of what is actually in the vaccines. 
But anywho, he did get all the 2nd month shots. I did not witness the actual process. Mark was there and he is a lot stronger than I when it comes to things that like that. He was upset but calmed down rather quickly and all seemed fine. A couple of hours later, I noticed he was very warm. He had a temperature of about 101 degrees. This was his first fever so I was freaking out. I ended up giving him Tylenol and letting him nurse and sleep as much as possible. Towards bedtime he threw up, which freaked me out even more. Fortunately, he made it through the night with no more throw up, but he still continued to have a fever. The next day, he was still warm, but his temperature wasn't as high. He was very fussy though. He cried almost all day long it seemed. He also threw up one more time. I continued to give him Tylenol for the fever and pain. By the the next morning, he was pretty much recovered, but I was still very upset with myself for getting his shots. Looking back, it was completely unnecessary for him to go through that at such a young age. I definitely wish I would have waited until he was a lot older to start his vaccines because I don't think his immune system was ready for something like that. I'm not sure why they start vaccines so young, but that is one thing I would change about that whole system. I felt like a bad mom for essentially making him have to go through that. I know he won't remember, but it broke my heart at the time. 

Crying: Most of his crying still came from not being held (put down for sleeping, bath time, tummy time, etc). He also still continued to have his fussy time at night between 5-9pm. He cried a lot then. It would help to hold him and walk around or sit him on my lap while patting his back. If all else failed, I would try to nurse him. But sometimes that didn't even work. The tummy and poop problems contributed to a lot of crying as well. (But that did improve throughout the month.)
A pic I snapped while his daddy was out of town!

  • When Myles was 5 weeks, we took him to the apple orchard. My parents also came. It was our first big outing, stroller and all! It was the weekend so the place was packed, but we still had a great time. Myles loved being outside and getting some sunshine and crisp, clean air. And of course, he soaked up lots of grandparent attention :)
Apple orchard with his grandparents
Happy baby boy :)

  • Mark had his 29th birthday on October 12. We went out to dinner at JMK (a teppan style Japanese restaurant). We've been to a lot of Japanese restaurants all over and the one in our hometown kills the competition! Other family came as well: Mark's sister Lauren, mom Darlene, nephew Ayson, and sister Jamie. Myles did great throughout the dinner. He slept a bit and then aunt Jamie held him while we ate.
  • Myles and I had our first away-from-home overnight this month. Mark had to go out of town for three days, so we packed up and crashed at my parents house for a long weekend. I did not want to stay by myself for three days alone, so my parents graciously let Myles and I take over their living room while Mark was gone. We went on a few walks, to my brother's annual home picnic, watched a couple movies, and did lots of snuggling. My parents helped me with Myles a lot as well. I was glad to be in good company and I even got to take a Sunday morning nap!!
  First smile: Myles gave us his first real, intentional smile this month; it wasn't always easy to get it out of him, but his grandpa Dave sure did know his sweet spots!
Smiling while hanging with grandpa
First time sitting in his bumbo chair: He was starting to get really good at his head control, so I thought I would give the bumbo a try. I figured he would have loved it because he liked being held in a sitting up position, but of course he wasn't being held, so he was not a fan. He would only stay in it a couple minutes before getting fussy. 

First time "holding" bottle: shown in the picture under 'eating'. He wasn't holding with his hands open, but he could prop it up and keep it in his mouth. I'd say a small milestone!

Interacting with toys: This month Myles began interacting a little bit with objects around him. He really loved this lion rattle (elephant version: Bright Stars Elephant). I would put it on his tummy and let him feel all the different textures. 

Grandpa Jerry time: At around 5 weeks, his grandpa Jerry (my dad) held him for the first time. He was too scared to hold him as a newborn :)
Aww.. this is pure joy right here!

  • Myles loves when his Grandpa Dave came to hang out with him! Because he was going to school, he had time during the day to spend with Myles. I got a little relief and Myles got him some love and attention. He was always able to make Myles happy!
Hanging with his grandpa
  • Morning time; when he first woke up for the day, he would be in his best mood. Sometimes he would even be content in his swing long enough for me to eat breakfast and clean up a little (20-25 minutes max).
  • Because of his tummy issues, he seemed most comfortable in a sitting position. He liked to be held sitting up while being patted on the back. At night during his fussy time (6-9pm), this was one of the only ways to keep him from crying.  

  •  Still dislikes not being held; not a fan of being put down for anything
  • Still having a rough time at night; seemed to be colicky because it was the same time every night and there was no direct cause
  • Bath time; although he was getting better, he still didn't like being naked, wet, and/or cold
  • SHOTS; as explained above, he did not do well with his first round of shots
  • Regular formula; it caused his tummy issues

And some extra bonus pictures just because he was so darn cute!
Getting love from the dada
Going for a ride on the min pin; perfect size!
 Thanks for coming by! I love reading and respond to comments, so let me know what you think of my monthly updates or anything else on my blog!


  1. Cute stats image, I hear ya about the sleep my daughter is not a sleeper at all. It's funny how babies grow my daughter is almost 9 months and only 14.5 lbs lol.

    1. Myles eventually started sleeping through the night but not until around 8 months. It's was definitely the hardest 8 months of my life on no sleep!

      Myles grew fast in the beginning and then slowed way down. He only gained a couple oz from 9 to 12 months because he started walking then!

      Thanks south for stopping by! Following you now!

  2. Lovely for you to have a proper recording - and great banner - of his early development.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so happy to have finally started my blog so that I don't forget everything about him! Time goes by so fast!

  3. Myles is so cute! You had asked about what sippy we use, this is the one and we love it:

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

    1. Thanks so much for the sippy link. I've been looking and buying all sorts of sippys and I can't seem to find one that let's him get milk out easy enough but won't spill all over! I will definitely be giving this one a try.

  4. Awesome. Just wait until he goes to the apple orchard and is running around like crazy. That's when the fun begins.

    - Eli
    visiting from Momma's Ramblings

    1. I can't wait he is definitely all boy, so the craziness has already started! I can't believe this was a year ago already! I plan on taking him this week so I'll be blogging about it soon. Thanks for coming by!

  5. That's awesome you are getting caught back up on his monthly updates!! I plan to make mine into Aislynn's First Year book, such wonderful memories!

    1. I'm happy I decided to do it, but it is a lot of work and I feel like I am never going to catch up! I'm pretty much a year behind lol...and while I'm working on old updates, more new things are happening so I am pretty much in a quick sand pit :) hopefully I'll get out soon. Do you make photo books? I want to do that too!

  6. Aww I love your idea for doing that stats board at the top, I've seen it hanging up in rooms and whatnot, but I never thought to make one for my blog :D I'm going to copy that idea :) I don't have good sleepers either, but my 2 year old DOES sleep through the night now. It was a long road but I continually read it's very normal and they WILL sleep through the night eventually. I also don't vaccinate. I got my first son's 2 month vaccinations but just didn't feel right about it, so I researched for a year and finally decided to not do them at all. It's a hard choice to make but I'm happy to feel confident in my decision now. Love this post, the photos were so cute!

    1. I got the idea for the chalkboard from all the ones I've been seeing for first birthdays! I really like doing them but it takes me forever! I can't wait to see what yours will look like. Myles finally started sleeping 8 hours around 9 months!! Being sleep deprived is no joke!

      I'm still so conflicted about the vaccines! Do you still have any I formation from the research you did? There is so much out there I don't know what's creditable and such. I would love some guidance!


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