Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boys Behind the Blog #11

I'm back for another edition of The Boys Behind the Blog with Mal and Stephanie. I loved doing this link-up so much last month that I just had to participate again this month! It's fun reading the boys' answers and I like that others have the chance to get to know the boy behind my blog. I haven't been too surprised by any of his answer yet... I know him better than himself really... but I like to see how he writes them. I email him the questions and he emails his answers back, so his answers are his exact words! And I think he actually likes getting a little spotlight on my blog :)
So without further ado, I give to you The Boys Behind the Blog #11:

And of course, I couldn't go without commenting myself, so my responses to his answers are in italics.

1. Your significant others' blog; a blessing or a curse? I would say a blessing because she is a great writer and it gives her something to do that she really enjoys. Mark has always been really supportive of my blog. I'm sure he would rather have me spending time with him over working on my blog, but he is pretty understanding. I am very grateful for how much he wants me to succeed.

2. Do you read your wife's (or insert relationship to blogger here) blog? I do but to be honest I haven’t been reading it as much lately as I would like to because I’ve been caught up in work. (I will get to that asap. Promise S.H.) If I send him the link in an email, he is more likely to read it. I'll do that if it is about him or something I want him to read or share. Otherwise, I he hasn't been reading it much lately.

3. What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know? Only one thing? Aw man... lol... Okay, I would have to say draw. This is so typical of Mark! He told me I would laugh at this answer, and I am not at all surprised! I joke with him all the time about how he thinks he is the best at everything. If you're around him enough, you will notice he likes to toot his own horn... quite often. I get on him about it, but really, it's not a bad thing to be confident. I wish I was a little more like him in that way. I'm surprised he said draw though. I figured he would have picked something else, but he does always tell me how he was the best artist in all his classes throughout grade school... lol...

4. What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90's? Off the top of my head I would say the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 
Pretty good choice! I wouldn't have thought about this one. I know his real favorite though (he was just too embarrassed to say it): Dawson's Creek! I was totally shocked when he told me he used to watch that show. I never watched it, but I always thought it was a drama chick show. He said he caught it on one day and then got hooked! 

5. If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? What goods or services would you sell? I already have a small business, so I would just keep the one I have. I sell vintage furniture and unique home goods. This is kind of a cop-out answer for him. I honestly think if he could have any small business, he would pick something different. I know he likes what he does, but I'm sure he could pick something he would like better. He has been talking about opening a gourmet peanut butter & jelly cafe for years now. His ideas come and go a lot, but he has always held on to the pb&j place. I totally think one of his life goals is to start that business and have it be successful. Maybe one day it will happen for him!

How would your man answer these questions? Do they have any in common?


  1. Great answers!! One of these months I am going to have to participate in this linkup! I love Fresh Prince!!

  2. Dawson's Creek is definitely not something to be ashamed of! :)

  3. Hahaha He seems like a lot of fun!! And ummm, Duh on the Dawsons Creek. haha. We own the series dvds. haha.

  4. Yes, it's pretty fun! I love reading what Mark comes up with and it gives us something to talk over and gets him involved in my blog too. I was a Fresh Prince fan too!

  5. I just like to tease him about it. He acts like it was something he shouldn't have been watching as a boy! I never got into that show. I don't know why, I was more of a 90210 kind of girl, although I remember that my parents didn't want me watching that lol

  6. He's a I never got into that show. I'm really not sure why. I probably would have loved it. I loved 90210 though, although I'm pretty sure my parents didn't allow me to watch it.. I did it anyway! Rebels!

  7. This is a FUN post! It was fun to see his answers ... And your truthful response! My hubby was a big Saed By The Bell fan. We have 3 boxed sets of DVDs!

  8. I always have fun doing these posts. It's always interesting to see what he will say and it gives us some talking points! I loved Saved by the Bell too! I watched it all day long when I was younger!

  9. I love this! LOL I love how much better you know him and that you put Dawson's Creek on blast!! HAHA! Fresh Prince is a pretty good answer. My husband is the same about being better at everything, and he never stops telling me how he's "right" all the time. These guys, psh. They just don't know. I

  10. It's funny with us because I tend to be right more than him, mostly because I have a better memory and pay attention more. But he really is good at more things, like physical stuff. And he is way more coordinated than I, but that doesn't take a I will give him credit for being good at stuff, but yes he is always talking about how he is so much more this and that than everyone else. Men!


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