Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Decor and Little Man's Basket

One week until Easter and only three days until Myles and I are hopping on a plane to go see our family back home. Apparently it is supposed to SNOW there on Monday, but luckily it looks like the temperatures are going to go back up after that. Since going back last Christmas, we decided to have family come out here for all future Christmases as to stay far away from those evil and dastardly Winters we moved exclusively to avoid. So I am hoping Mother Nature decides to keep Winter out of Spring for at least the next two weeks in the Midwest. We will be spending Easter there, so once again (just like Christmas), my fun Easter decor will not be enjoyed on the actual holiday. Not that I am complaining because: 1. The decor has been up for a while already 2. We will be home celebrating with our family! 
So here is a look at my Easter/Spring mantle and wreath (also don't miss Myles' Easter basket at the bottom!):

| Yellow fabric canvas: fabric from Walmart | 
| Glass vase with grass and eggs: Goodwill |
| Yellow and green flower basket: Walmart |
| Teal vase with potpourri twigs : Ross |

 | Electric candle lanterns: Dollar Tree with gold spray paint |
| Flowers: Dollar Tree, leftover from my wreath (see below) |
| Gel clings: Target Dollar Spot |

 | Gold mirror: Goodwill | 

| Yellow fabric canvas: fabric from Walmart | 
| Glass vase with grass and eggs: Goodwill |
| Teal candle holders: Ross |
| Large teal decorative eggs: Walmart |
| Egg garland: DIY with eggs from Dollar Tree |

My Easter/Spring Wreath
This is a super easy DIY project and I did it for less than $10 (see below)!

3 yards each of 3 different color ribbon, sewing pins, 2 different bunches of fake flowers 

I found this wreath at Goodwill brand new for $5. The ribbon I got from Walmart and flowers from Dollar Tree.
1. I first took the pink ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath, using the sewing pins to attach both ends to the wreath. 
2. Then, I took the purple ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath in the opposite direction of the pink so that criss-crossed it and then secured it with the pins at the ends (1st picture). 
3. Next, I cut the blue ribbon into equal size strips long enough to wrap around the width of the wreath. I placed each blue strip in the area between each pink-purple criss-cross and fastened with the sewing pins (2nd and 3rd picture). 
4. I pulled the flower tops off of the stems and placed them on one side of the wreath. I used one bigger pink and white flower for the middle and then arranged smaller purple ones around the bigger one and attached with the pins (4th picture).
5. I used some extra ribbon to make a hanger on the top and hung it from a nail in the door!

Lastly, I am linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog to show off Myles' Easter basket! I didn't make a basket for him last year because I didn't think he would really know what was going on and he didn't need any more toys, clothes, etc. Instead we colored and painted eggs. I can't wait to do it again this year. That is my favorite Easter tradition, although I feel like I am losing my creative juices lately! I'm sure I will blog about what I come up with this year. 
Even though Myles most definitely doesn't need any more toys this year either, I decided that I wanted to start giving him a basket. I'm sure over the years his basket contents will change something like from toys, to candy, to money, back to candy, then lotto tickets (lol)! Since he really doesn't need anything right now, I just put together a basket with a couple fun little treats and toys from the dollar store.  Since we are leaving on Wednesday, I haven't decided if I am going to give it to him before we leave or after we get back or take it with.. what do you guys think I should do?

Buzz Lightyear bath sponge, a little wind-up chickie, a pack of glow-sticks, an assortment of play-dough (his first), two packets of army men, chickie straws, a bag of dum-dums, and a little squirt gun! Knowing my child, this will provide all of about 10 minutes of entertainment. That is the length of his attention span with toys lately; another reason why I did not spend a significant amount of money on his basket. He likes the most random things, so I never know what he will like anymore; i.e I just spent $70 on a small motorized four-wheeler that I thought he would be obsessed with... that lasted about 3 days and now he doesn't even care about it! He seems to like the cheap, silly things more anyway, so perfect for me!

Happy Easter to y'all! I'll be around a bit this week, but since I am going back home Wednesday for two weeks, the blog might get a little quite as I will be spending time with family!

How are you celebrating Easter? Are you putting together a basket for your littles?


  1. I love decorating for holidays. Esp Easter. And your decorations are cute. Also the Easter basket for your son. I'm sure he's gonna love it. Hope you have a safe trip and can't wait to read about it and and take pics :D

  2. Cute mantle!! I especially love the egg garland :)

  3. so cute!! Totally magazine worthy :)

  4. That mantle is gorgeous! I am going to have to make me a spring wreath... So cute and seems simple enough to make!

  5. I love it!! So cute and colorful! How did you get string through the plastic eggs? I love the blue eggs at the end of the eggs, too! Ties the whole mantle together!

  6. Thanks! I think that's my favorite part too! I kept seeing them all over Pinterest and figured it would be easy enough.. it actually took me forever because I had to redo it like 5 times! But I am happy with the outcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. That's so sweet to say! I always see awesome DIY and decor pictures on Pinterest and i feel like I could never do that. Mine never seem as cool. I am learning my camera still, so hopefully I will get better with time!

  8. Aww thanks so much! I have started to love decorating too now that I have a house! I have been doing my mantel and a wreath for every holiday and i have loved it. I think this is my favorite one so far! I hope Myles likes his basket too! I can't wait to give it to him!

  9. Thanks! It was really easy and super cheap too. I would have preferred the 'stick/wood' type of wreath, but I already had the hay one so I just used it. That kind is really messy, but other than that it only took like 15 minutes!

  10. I kept seeing all of these pictures of that egg garland on Pinterest but I didn't know how they did it. I just bought a couple bags of the plastic eggs at the dollar store. They are the ones that already have the holes in it. Then I just used clear fish line to string it through. I had wanted to use a needle and thread but I couldn't find a needle that was small enough to fit through the holes on the eggs. But that would be the best way if you have a small needle. The fishing line kind of sucked because it kept falling down. Then I used glue dots to attach the string to the egg.

  11. Thanks! That's my favorite part, totally copied off Pinterest but I love it!


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