Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monthly Favorites: Nine & Ten

When it comes to being a new mom, "free time" no longer exists. And if by some amazing miracle you happen to somehow get a couple of minutes to yourself, I doubt researching baby products is on the top of your list. Whenever my son is coming to a new age and needing new products, I heavily rely on my fellow mommy bloggers' recommendations. No need to waste precious 'you time' trying to navigate through the thousands of products out there only to find out they're poor quality or useless. So I decided to do my own monthly favorites posts to help out my fellow mommies!
I will also let you in on any deals or money saving tips with each product!

Monthly Favorites: Months Nine & Ten

Monthly Favorites: Months Nine & Ten by julia-crystal 

1. Ten Little Ladybugs: This was Myles' second favorite book (first was Baby Mickey's Book of Shapes). I'm not sure what it was about this particular book, but he was so intrigued by it. He would actually sit and listen to me read it the whole way through (unheard of at this point in his life). Sometimes I would read it as a song and he really liked that. He always had to touch all of the little ladybugs on each page. He still likes this book now at 20 months, so it has gotten a lot of use. This is a good long-term investment book that will grow with your child. 

2. Knobby Balls: Myles' ball obsession was at an all time high during these months. I found a bag of these balls at a thrift store and bought them because for the price I couldn't say no to Myles. I really like these for several reasons: the knobs on them provide stimulation of their feeling sense, they come in all different sizes and colors, and are a thick rubber so they can be chewed on (a must for Myles). Also they are filled with air, so they are lightweight and can be easily grasped. These are so perfect for any ball loving baby/toddler.    

3. Kettrike Happy Navigator Air: This is the Cadillac of tricycles. I had never even heard of this brand before my step-dad brought it home from a garage sale on day. Brand new this bike is more than $200, but my step-dad got it for $25!  It's got the normal push bar, seat belt, adjustable seat/frame, etc., but it also has so many awesome features that I have never seen in a kid's tricycle before. It has a cute little bucket for storage that tips down with a lever and it sits low to the ground to prevent tipping. One of my favorite parts is the front wheel lock that keeps the wheel in a straight position. I always lock it when I am pushing Myles, so that I can control the navigation of the bike and he can't steer. The other thing that makes this bike so cool is its wheel system. When an adult is pushing and navigating, the pedals stay in place for the child to rest their feet on. Then when the child is ready to ride on their own, the pedals move for forward motion, braking, and coasting. This is the most versatile tricycle I have ever seen and the only one you will ever need; it truly grows with your child up to age 5! It has been an awesome alternative to the stroller for us. Many times Myles gets antsy and bored in his stroller, but when we push him on the bike we have no problems. He stays occupied by thinking he is riding and steering the bike himself. Right now (20 months), he is so close to being able to reach the pedals enough to push them around. He can rest his feet, but can't quite get the momentum to push the pedal all the way around to get it moving by himself. I think he is pretty close though. I can't wait to see him ride it by himself: Big boy status!

4. WATER HOPPER Balls: Another ball of course! My mom bought this one for Myles a while back. This was Myles' first favorite ball (and if I knew where is was it would probably still be his favorite now). The ball obsession started with this one. The funny thing is, we never used it the way it was intended. Apparently this ball skips on water like a rock does. Whatever its real purpose, it worked great for Myles in learning how to play with a ball. He rolled it and threw it and bounced it all over the place. He played this goofy game that I told you guys about in his 8 Month Update. It also was the perfect teether for him; because the rubber was so tough he could bite and chew the heck out of it and it never came apart.  

5. Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop: I know this is a pretty popular item within the mommy blogging community. I would have never sought this item out on my own because it is a little pricey for me, but I found it at a consignment shop for half price. Now that I have it, I definitely think it is worth the price. This makes bath time and clean up a breeze: you can pick all the toys up in just one scoop and rinse them all off together once they are in the 'shell'. And the best part about it for me is that it keeps the toys nicely tucked away and up off of the ground/inside of the tub. And, of course, it helps that the frog is just so cute hanging there on the wall :) 100% worth the price: a complete must-have item for me!

6. My Pillow Pets Dog: This toy wasn't even bought for Myles; he stole it from my brother. I would have never bought a pillow pal for Myles, but he loved this thing. He wanted it to go wherever he went. He liked to lay on it when it was a pillow. We would say "Awe, lay down" and he would lay his head down on the body. His favorite part was when it was velcroed together and we would pretend it was a real dog. We would bark and move it towards him and he would laugh so hard. And I have to admit, they are pretty soft and cuddly. 

7. Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Toy: This was the replacement Mickey we got after losing the one my parents got for him at Christmas. I talked about buying this one when we went to the mall. I just couldn't resist grabbing him up when we took Myles into the Disney Store. He was cuddling and hugging that Mickey so hard, I didn't dare try to take him away. It's funny because we stopped having the TV on at our house when Myles was around 4 months old, but it seemed like he still remembered Mickey from when he watched it months before. Mickey was also the star of his first favorite book: Baby Mickey's Book of Shapes that I talked about in his 3 & 4 Month Favorites. He was the only character Myles recognized and was drawn to at this age. We have managed to not lose this Mickey and hopefully he sticks around for a while because he is such a classic character and, of course, we need to know who he is when we go to visit him at Disneyland!
8. Banzai Spray n Play Hippo Pool: This is the pool I talked about in Myles' Nine and Ten month updates It's just a cheap little plastic, blow-up kiddie pool, but it works perfect for us. Myles has a blast playing in it and I like the fact that it can be deflated and stored in a small box during the colder months. I had picked this one out because of the sprinkler feature, thinking Myles would love that part... Of course, I was so wrong and he hated it. He cried something fierce the two times I tried it out. I think the water from the hose was too cold and it scared him. Hopefully he will like it when I try again this summer. Nothing fancy, but perfect for a hot summer's day cool down and daily splash therapy for the toddler.

What products are you loving for you kids right now? 
Do you/have you used any of these products with your kids?


  1. I've been wondering about that bath scoop. I have been holding back because of the price tag, but I may just have to buy it now!

  2. We had that exact same Mickey Mouse when Nicholas was younger and he loved that thing :) Took that and his froggy every where he went!

  3. I love that you and I both have sons that are so close in age because these toys are toys that I don't have to research lol thanks for doing the work for me. I want the froggy!!! Dylan has that mickey mouse, he got it for xmas from his aunt and I was surprised he didn't like it the say way he likes other stuffed animals that don't make any sounds! I guess he likes his toys to let him do all the talking? lol

  4. I think it's awesome but I only bought it because I got it cheap. I never looked into other ones because I didn't plan on buying one, but I bet there are others just as good for cheaper. That brand is more expensive for whatever reason!

  5. That was the first stuffed animal he loved, but he is over him now. He has moved on to Elmo and the bunny from Goodnight Moon.. he sleeps with them every night! He also has a Nemo that talks and of course his favorites are Woody and Buzz! They are already started to fall apart though!

  6. I love reading monthly favorites on other blogs so I thought I'd add in on the fun! I'm so cheap that you know if I recommend them they have to be good! I love the frog, one of the best investments for busy mommas! Myles is over Mickey now too. He is all about Buzz Lightyear! Everything Buzz Buzz Buzz! He must be into controlling his toys lol!

  7. I think my son would love that pool right now...and he's 21 months! I'm thinking about getting him a blow up pool for our "backyard" aka back patio for the summer so I will have to check this one out!

  8. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesApril 24, 2014 at 5:48 AM

    We have a plush Mickey very similar to yours! It's tucked away in the crib, and the only stuffed animal Marcus gives two hoots about. :)
    Aren't those little pools THE best?! We spent endless hours/days in ours!

  9. I so love that you do these posts, they are so helpful to find things where you say, "How have I never seen/heard of that before and WHY don't I have it yet?!"
    I have the ladybug book and those knobby balls. Even though Lilly is 2.5 now,she still enjoys those things! The balls of course just get thrown everywhere now. As for Mickey, today she asked to go to the Disney store at the mall just so she could see Mickey (in his plush form). Then she cried when we had to go home. It was oh so wonderful. Dang that mouse!
    And I would love to get that hippo pool. Lilly's got some obsession with water recently and would be obsessed.
    Thank you for sharing these!

  10. I can't wait to bring it back out this year. I am hoping he likes the sprinkler this year. I got mine at Walmart and I also saw them at Toys R Us. I think the blow up ones are better than the hard plastic ones, because it takes up way less space when stored.

  11. It's so cute how much he loves Mickey! Myles loved Mickey for a while, but it pretty much over him now. He moved on to Elmo, then Handy Manny, and now Buzz. He is all out obsessed with Buzz. I don't mind though because I like Toy Story as well. It hasn't been quite warm enough yet to get in the pool this year, but it's getting there. I think once he get back from vacation it will be in the 80s! So I'm sure we'll be getting it out!

  12. I always love reading other people's posts like these too. They give me good ideas of stuff I have never seen most of the time. I love toys that grow with my son. He will play with them a lot, then forget about them, and then go back to playing with them all the time again. You got to love Mickey.. he does something to kids! The pool is keeps Myles busy for while so it is a must for us!

  13. Clare SwindlehurstApril 30, 2014 at 11:12 PM

    We don't have ten little ladybirds but we have ten wriggly caterpillars and Thomas and the ten balloons and my 16 months olds love them both. They also go nuts for Mickey! I'm hosting a party and inviting you to come over and link up :)

  14. I have seen a lot of different versions of the counting down from 10 books. We even have a frog one too, but Myles doesn't really care for it. But he loves the ladybug one for whatever reason! Thanks for coming by and sharing your link. There is so much to look at on your site. I am exploring right now!

  15. Brittnei WashingtonMay 4, 2014 at 4:34 PM

    Julia, I've missed you! I took time away since we lost our baby. We are doing fine though and things are well. It feels great to be back in the blogging world and hosting my favorite linkup! :) This list of goodies is so nice of you to put together. I definitely know what you mean about not having this search on your mind when you do get a second with a new baby :) Thanks for linking up with us!

  16. So glad to see that you are back and feeling better. I definitely missed linking up and reading your comments every week. They always made me feel special :) Thanks for stopping by as always!

  17. April @ 100lbcountdownMay 8, 2014 at 7:47 PM

    Smart, turning to other bloggers. I really respect their opinions, but I forget to look when I'm in the market for something new. This is a great reminder! Thanks for sharing with Countdown in Style!


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