Thursday, June 5, 2014

{First Birthday} Under the Sea Party: Cake and Presents

As I sit here writing this post about my son's first birthday party, I am watching 'Monster's University' with my now 22 month old son! I'm finding it hard to believe that in 2 months I will have a 2 year old. I just don't know how the last year has gone by so fast. I seriously feel like this birthday was just celebrated and now somehow I am knee deep in DIYing for his second! Planning kids' birthdays are too fun! I loved putting everything together for Myles' Under the Sea 1st birthday and can't wait to share all the details of the party next week! For now I've got some more fun pictures of my little guy enjoying his big day!
And if you missed any of my previous first birthday posts, here they all are:

Cake Time

Having his party after his actual birthday really worked out in my favor when it came to the cake eating. The completely unsuccessful go at the muffin cake eating on his birthday made me realize that a traditional cake at his party was not going to bring about the desired result of the epic first birthday cake showdown! However, I scored big time when I discovered his love for the wiggly stuff: Jello! Good thing was, I hadn't already ordered a cake or anything, so a change of plans just called for some scouring of Pinterest for inspiration. I had a good plan and was excited to see how it would turn out. I didn't have time for a trial, so I just had to put all my trust into my domestic instincts and hope for the best. I'm going to leave you all in suspense and make you come back next week for my party DIYs posts to see how it all turned out. 
He was loving all the attention when we sang to him and then dug right in to the jello! He shoveled fist fulls of the yummy blue stuff into his mouth over and over until he decided he was full. Then his fist fulls of jello began being offered to everyone else. A couple of his cousins, grandparents, mommy, and daddy all got to taste his then destroyed cake.

All was fun and games, until... 


...he was OVER it!!

The Presents

I was completely surprised that Myles was really into opening his presents. He was all about tearing, pulling, grabbing, and reaching his way into everything that was put in front of him (with help from all the younger guests, of course). I couldn't believe he stayed engaged for as long as he did. He opened up and checked out every single one of his presents. He sat on my lap after a while and it was a really special moment for me with him. It was the only time he sat down (without food being involved) for his whole party and I got some lovin'. 

A ridiculously HUGE thank you to everyone that came and showed Myles' and I your love and support on his big day; for making it so special and showering him with love and gifts!

Opening his George!

Super cute shirts :)
His favorite gift of all: a rattling bouncy ball (that closely resembles a cat toy)!

Thanks for sticking around through all my obsessive first birthday posts! I can't wait to share all the details, decor, games, and food!

How did your little one(s) react to their first cake? Did you do a traditional cake or something different?


  1. Such a fun party theme! Love all the pictures! For Mason's 1st birthday, I had this great idea that he would smash his cake and it would be so cute, but he totally didn't. My husband smashed his hand in the cake instead and cue the MELTDOWN. Party over! Haha.

  2. I'm celebrating my little girl's birthday soon. This post is getting me SUPER excited! I can't wait to see what she does when it comes to "cake time". Love all the pictures. I need to make sure someone is behind the camera for all these great moments. #mommymoments

  3. Oh my! What a cutie! I love the first 2 shirts!

  4. I love them too! Especially the no dating one! I mean he already loves the ladies so I have to keep them away for sure! Although I can't wait for him to tell me he's got his first girlfriend in his class :)

  5. Yea there is a fine line between wanting them to really get into the cake eating, but not too into that they get super sugar high! I was worried he wasn't going to want any of it, so I was glad he lasted as long as he did! I think he was mad that he was dirty and had to get cleaned lol. I got a little peanut over here now, so I wouldn't mind him eating some more like Dylan! And yes NO GIRLS ALLOWED! I hope he thinks girls have coodies for a long time!!!

  6. I wasn't sure it was going to happen with Myles. I figured if it was a normal cake he wouldn't do much with it. So I opted for the jello and it went pretty well with some encouraging. He was pretty into until the end when he in an instant freaked out and wanted to be done and clean. They are so unpredictable though so you never know what you will get, huh? I'm sure Mason will be into it this year!

  7. I definitely recommend having someone as a designated photographer. I might have even paid someone if I could go back. I know it sounds a little crazy but it sucks trying to worry about taking pictures when you just want to be in the moment of the party. At the time I only had my iPhone and it was taking bad pictures too, but I was able to get pictures that were taken by other people too. It helped but I wish I had some more really nice ones. I hope you guys have a great day, it is so special and awesome! Cake time is always the most anticipated. I think ours went pretty well considering!


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