Thursday, June 26, 2014

Myles Monthly: 13

As you may know, I didn't decide to start my blog until my son Myles was about 8 months old. And well... now he is 22 months old! I'm still trying to get caught up with the monthly updates and monthly favorites, so I can get, and hopefully stay, up to date. 

 August 15th- September 14th, 2013


 Things continued to go fairly well in the health category this month. He did get a little cold in the beginning of the month. Right before we left to go back to Illinois for his first birthday, he started getting a runny nose. It continued for about 4 days into our trip, but was completely gone by the day of his party. He also had his 12 month well-check while we were back home. Everything went well and he was right on track. I decided to push back his 12 month shots since he already had a runny nose and his party was only two days after his appointment. He has had a bad track record with his shots, and even though the 9 month ones weren't too bad, I didn't want to risk him not being 100% for his party. Our doctor was fine with it, knowing that he wasn't going to daycare or anything regularly.
Love me a big Buddha baby belly... althought it was steadily shrinking since he started walking!
Eating was going better with each passing month; very slow, but steadily eating more at a time and trying more foods. Last month I talked a little about how getting Myles to eat a significant amount of food was a big challenge in our house. We saw some big improvements during month 12 and although he still wasn't eating 3 meals a day, we were happy with him eating dinner every night. He still wasn't into breakfast at all, but he would sometimes snack at lunch, and mostly always ate dinner. 
He was still breastfeeding throughout the day, so I wasn't worried about him not getting enough nutrition or anything. He always drank a lot in the morning, so I am guessing that's why he never wanted breakfast. He was still nursing anywhere from 5-10 times a day. Morning, nap, and before bed were the times that he would drink a significant amount. The other times were short 5-10 minute sessions because he was upset, got hurt, was bored, etc. After making it a whole year breastfeeding, I didn't really know where I was going to go from there. I had never imagined I was going to make it to a year, so I didn't have any goals or expectations past that. At this point, I decided I was just going to keep going as long as he wanted it, and think about weaning if he was still nursing when he turned two. I knew I would still be comfortable nursing him up until two, so I figured it would be best to let him wean at his own pace and then see how I felt about nursing past two when we got closer to that time. And to be honest, I was pretty sure I didn't have a choice with his level of attachment. 

He also really started mastering the straw. He learned how to use a straw months back, but now it was his preferred method of drinking!

With such big changes last month, I wasn't sure how traveling and staying back at my parents' was going to go. I was pretty nervous since he had just started sleeping 10 hours straight at night (up from his normal 8 and then nursing back to sleep for another 2 hours). I was also not sure how a time change would effect his sleep. Since I had literally gone 8 months on 0-3 hours of sleep a night, this new sleep routine was too amazing to risk messing up. But we had to go back for his birthday, so I had to just hope that he would take the changes with a grain of salt! And thankfully he did!! Most nights I let him stay up a little later than his normal schedule, but we were visiting family and I wanted him to get as much time in with them as possible. So he was sleeping more like 10pm-8am, but still getting one 2-3 hour nap each day. On his birthday party day though he was so excited and pumped that he didn't take a nap all day! Around 7pm, when everyone was gone, he got really tired, but by that time I didn't want him to even take a nap, so I let him sleep for like 20 minutes and then woke him up to play for a bit before I put him to bed for the night.
Getting some snuggles in with daddy before mommy put him to bed.

Another new category!! This one should be fun as the months go on. For now, he is saying:
  • MaMa, DaDa, Ball, Pa, Book, Peek-a-Boo
  • Discovery Center Children's Museum; I make it a point to go here at least once every time we go back home. I never thought it was the greatest, but now after going to many others out here in California, I have realized just how awesome it really is. I could go on for days about this place, but my favorite part is the Tot Spot. It's just for kids ages 5-under and has everything a toddler could ever want to play with! Myles could spend his whole day there if I didn't make him explore other parts of the museum! I didn't really take any good pictures because I just wanted to spend time with Myles, but his favorite part this visit was the water exhibit.  He also got to ride a huge tractor and we made our hand imprints together. 

  • San Fransisco Zoo: One Sunday we decided to take a trip to the San Fran zoo with some friends. I am a big zoo/aquarium person and I was expecting this one to be amazing! I think my expectations were way too high and I definitely walked away disappointed. It was an okay zoo, but for the price and location, I thought there would be a lot more. A lot of the exhibits were closed and I wasn't impressed with the ones that were open. But the kids still had a great time and that's all that matters really.
  • We also started taking him to the daycare at the gym. This was the first time he was under the care of someone that wasn't my parents or sister-in-law! I was really not prepared to do it, but since we had moved away from everyone that helped us with Myles before, I had to get a break and take time for myself somehow. The first 2 weeks were rough. He bawled every time we left and pretty much cried the whole time. The situation ended up being more stressful than helpful. They had to call us down to get him most times after about 30 minutes. I dreaded going and almost wanted to quit. But I kept at it just hoping it would get better soon, and it eventually did. He found a girl that he really liked. She had to hold him the whole time, but he didn't cry with her. So we just made sure we went when she was working.
  • Little Gym: he really started blossoming there. He loved trying out all of the skills and of course ball time was his favorite. He had really awesome upper body strength; even the teacher couldn't believe how strong he was on the bars. This picture is him hanging from the bar. I know it's hard to tell but he is really hanging and not touching the ground. 

  • Climbing: we officially entered the climbing phase; the daredevil climbing phase to be exact! I got a couple pictures of some examples of this:

This is how Myles likes to tell me he is hungry: he climbs up into his highchair with the use of a dining room chair! He also became a climbing expert at the park. His new favorite was climbing up the slide, or trying to at least :)
  • On the way back to California, Myles got his own seat on the plane. It is so nice when the plane isn't full and we get that extra seat. He sat on his own for a while and I had to get a picture because it was so stinkin' cute!
  • He also acquired another new skill at the park: going down slide by himself! He could climb up the stairs, sit down, and slide all by himself now! Big boy status!
  •  He loved brushing his teeth! Once I showed him what to do, he never wanted to stop.

Now that he is developing his personality, I think I will be keeping this new category around!
  • This goofy guy always had me laughing at his antics! This day he felt like taking his AlphabetPal for a ride. 
  • He loved playing outside in his water table. One day he decided to use it at a pool! He thought it was so cool, he tried doing every time we went outside!
  • He got this toy golf set for his birthday and loved it. I think it is safe to say it was his absolute favorite present. I was totally impressed with his skills:
  • He started getting into the phase where he had to help do everything, most notably sweep and vacuum. Every time I got out the vacuum or broom, he had to take over and do it himself. He liked this play vacuum for a couple weeks and then he was over it and only wanted the real thing!

What are new skills your kid(s) are learning?
Come back to check out my favorites from months thirteen & fourteen!


  1. OMG he was so cute! I always have to remember he isn't Dylan's age because they always sound the same when I read your posts and then I get sad because Myles has already grown so much! LOl at him brushing his teeth. Future dentist? Eh? lol I love the pic of Myles w/dad- you can just see your husband is eating it up.

  2. I think I must have some how missed this, but do you live in CA??? And in Northern CA? I live in Southern CA now but I was born and raised in Norcal!

  3. I know! I was going to comment on your post the other day about how you were raised in San Fran Bay Area! I had no idea. Yes I just moved last year. A couple of weeks will be one year exactly. Right now we are in the east bay but we are moving I. A couple weeks to the north area. Where did you live?

  4. Yea I always think they are the same age too for some reason.. in blog world they are! So much changes every month he is like a whole different kid now. I've got to hurry these updates along, but then it's kind of sad because I will have to come to terms with him actually being almost 2! He loved brushing his teeth... now I have to wrestle with him to do it!! It's funny now because he won't let Mark sit in that chair at bed time. He always goes over there, pushes him, and say get up. lol I'm the one who puts him to sleep so when he is ready daddy needs to go!


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