Friday, July 8, 2016

Bodega Bay Tide Pools

For as much as I love the ocean, I have never been to a real tide pool before. So when I saw an ad in the local family magazine for a guided tide pool tour, I knew I had to get the family to go!
 If heaven had a heaven, this would be it for me:

I was totally unaware of the 1-mile (pretty steep) hike going into it, but thankfully Myles did so well and walked the whole way there and most of the way back.

The views definitely helped as well.

When we first got to the ocean, they gave us a bit of a break to change shoes, get a drink, check out the water, etc.

We weren't allowed to pick anything up without the guides' assistance, unless it was something that was floating and/or not attached to anything.

We played a little iSpy...

We saw the most of mussels and anemone. Some anemone were almost a foot in diameter!

Have you ever been to a tide pool?


  1. I miss Bodega Bay and the pink taffy shop! :) I grew up in Sonoma County.

    1. Awesome! We have lived out here for a couple years now and are always finding new places! I love the ocean so this area is so perfect for me! I will have to check that taffy store out next time!

  2. Oh this is so cool!! I want to do something like this.

    1. How you been to the beaches in Texas at all? I wonder if they have tide pools. We found a lot of neat stuff but when we were leaving Myles was like we didn't see any animals. Lol. I think we was expecting Dolphins or otters or something bigger.


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