Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Birthday Gift Exchange

If you don't already know, I am crazy about my son's birthdays! Being that he is our only (and probably will always be our only), I like to make his birthday really special. I may or may not be planning two parties (one in California and one in Illinois) right now, and I'm sure we will do something fun on his actual birthday too! So, of course, I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to celebrate some more with a blogger gift exchange! For the past couple of years now, Liz over at Chasin' Mason has organized a summer birthday gift exchange, and I am so excited to be apart of it this year!

Myles received his present from Sarah and Brantley from Seeing All Sides.
*Please excuse the poor quality of these first few pictures. By the time I realized the lighting was horrible, it was too late to get Myles to move before finishing opening them.

Other than a couple sentences about Myles' likes and dislikes, I never had any conversations with Sarah before we received our gifts. So I am a little inclined to think that some sort of sorcery had to have taken place, because what she picked out could not have been any more perfect! 
In a few weeks we are going back to Illinois to celebrate Myles' 4th birthday, which just so happens to be a superhero party. Of course, Myles (and I) have already been playing dress-up and pretend with his capes and masks, but they will definitely be coming with us as they will be a huge hit at his party! 
He likes Batman the best!

And these On-the-Go Water Wow pads are my secret weapon for airplane rides. The last couple of times we have flown, I brought one with and it kept Myles occupied for like 30 minutes (which is a huge feat when flying)!

I told him he could open and play with one and the other we would save for the plane ride. He said he liked the vehicle one the best, so he would save that one for later (way to exercise self control)!

Thank you Sarah and Brantley so much for your thoughtful gifts! we have been thoroughly enjoying them!

Myles was super excited to send gifts to Arden (Vanessa from Sunflower State of Mind). I told him what she liked and he picked everything out. He is way more decisive than I, so I let him do the choosing. Head over to Vanessa's blog to see if you think he did a good job!

And when your done there, check out the rest of the participants of this exchange!

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Desiree and Julia // Macke Monologues
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Sarah and Brantley // Seeing All Sides
Vanessa and Arden // Sunflower State of Mind
Julia and Myles // The Everyday Momma
Traci and Charli // The Hallway Life
Amanda and Lily // Tickled Pink
Laura and Liam // tiny toes, little nose
Whitney and Brielana // Work It Mommy

How do you celebrate your children's birthdays?


  1. Oh my gosh, Sarah NAILED it!! Talk about amazing capes and masks! And, we totally love those water books!

    1. I know they are so cool. We have a dress-up bin and I was so excited to add these in! And they fit me too :) I remember those books (a different version) when I was a kid, so I love them for Myles too!

  2. Ok seriously how CUTE are those capes?!?! Where on earth did she find those? They're PERFECT!
    So happy Myles loved everything and can start to get even more excited for his birthday party now!
    Happy almost Birthday Myles!

    1. I know, right? I think they are from Amazon (the box it came in). They so nice though, I swear they are handmade! I will be dressed up too, I think I'm going to pick Captain America. Yay for 4th birthdays!

  3. I'm so glad Myles loved his gifts! When I saw that he liked superheros and then I saw these capes, I couldn't NOT buy them!! My boys aren't even huge superhero fans, but these are so cute that I may have to add them to our wishlist soon! And a superhero party?! Talk about perfect timing! So glad we had your names because 1) perfect gift and 2) it introduced me to your blog! Happy {upcoming} 4th birthday, Myles!

    1. I love the capes, they are so neat because they look handmade and super good quality! We be keeping them for a long time! I never even mentioned his party, so I couldn't believe how perfect that was! "I was like did I say something on here and I don't remember?" No, she's just that good! I'm so happy to paired with you guys too! Getting back into blogging can be hard when people already have their friends, so I am super grateful of how nice everyone had been. And I love connecting with boy moms!

  4. Those capes are so so amazing!!!! And water wow are one my favorite airplane activities for the boys.

    1. I bought one the last time we went on a plane and I couldn't believe he sat there that long! I was like yes!!! Buying these every time! do you have a post about entertainment on planes? I know you guys fly a lot too.

  5. So fun! We didn’t get to participate in this one because we were gearing up for our big trip! I am bummed that we had to sit this one out. Sarah and Brantley did a great job! Those masks and capes are perfect for any little boy!

    1. I'm glad you signed up for the Boy Mom one though because I have loved meeting you (through the internet)! Myles loves his super heroes so it is perfect for him!

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