Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Mantle & Fireplace

Although I am sooo behind on catching up with my Myles Monthly updates, I couldn't let October go by without a Halloween Mantle & Fireplace post! 
Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for and I finally have a house to do it in!
So here is a look at my Halloween Mantle & Fireplace!

Sorry for the POOR quality of these pictures. I currently only have my iPhone for a camera. I am asking for a 'real' camera for Christmas. I would love any suggestions, as I have no idea about cameras. 
These glitter pumpkins are from the $1 section at target (LOVE that place!)
All of the spider webs are from Dollar Tree.

Top Left: First, there are two pictures I keep on the mantle year round; my great-grandma that I am named after and Mark & Myles at one month old. I added orange tapered candles with some spider web... I am a little obsessed with the spider web... to say the least. The candle holders are a Goodwill find.
Top Right: We don't use the fireplace right now as Bay Area, Cali is still in the 80s, so it has been taken captive by Halloween decor. I used two more of the orange tapered candles and put them in some holders I wasn't using. Then of course I had to drown it spider web :) I found a cute decal at Lowe's, of all places, and I had the idea to put it over the glass fireplace doors. I love it so much that I might just make my living room a year round haunted house. 
Bottom Left: Middle of the mantle; I just spiced up my normal mirrors with webs and spider decals from the same package as the fireplace one (with some spider web as well.) Then I placed the pumpkins from the above picture in front of the mirror. 
Bottom Right: A further away view of the fireplace with the decals (candles and spider web inside) and the tassel garland I made. I used this tutorial. I like the yarn look and it was very cheap. I bought three different colors from Walmart for $2.50 each and used the black to hang it. 

Full picture of the top; on the left side are two vases I use for fall and a picture frame I picked up from the Goodwill!

Also check out my Halloween Wreath that I posted a couple weeks ago. 

How are you decorating for Halloween?


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    1. Thanks! I starting with only the orange and black but then I wanted to tie it together with the room more and I have purple so I thought purple is kinda Halloween, right? Hehe...

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am on my way over to you now!

  3. I have been seeing those cute pom pom mantle pieces! Wish I had a fireplace to decorate! :) Thanks for linking up with Mom Lovin' and congrats on the new domain! -Andrea @Hand and the Heart

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! The yarn garland looked like the easiest one to make so that definitely swayed my decision to go with that one! And it was very cheap to make so it was a perfect fir for me ;)


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