Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monkeys, Alligators, and Meltdowns... Oh MY!

All of the pictures of Myles on my computer are divided into folders by months. So when I am ready to do the next Myles Monthly I just go to that folder and start from there. Sometimes I will open up a new month and see something that I completely forgot about. This is one of those times. I found all of these zoo pictures from a time we went to the Oakland Zoo when Myles was about 19 1/2 months. After I was super disappointed by our trip to the San Fransisco Zoo, I thought I would give the Oakland one a try.
The week we went Myles got sick on Wednesday, but was feeling better by the end of the night. Thursday was spent in the house making sure he was better, so I figured by Friday he would be ready to spend the day outside exploring.... eh.. not so much. The trip didn't go as planned and we only stayed long enough to see a couple things, but I did get a few good pictures of our day.

We started out at the monkeys.

I guess this one is known for showing off all day long.

We had to check out the birds because Myles has a slight infatuation with them.

This is when the meltdown started. He was freaking out and only wanted to be held. I somehow managed to get him to go inside the reptile house and look around for all of about 2 minutes.

My favorite of the whole day! I'm sure they were mating, but I imagined them to be a mommy and baby :)

The crocs were right outside the reptile house.

Next we made our way to the petting zoo part. After carrying him around for 5 minutes, he finally let me put him down long enough to brush a couple animals.

Then it was complete meltdown time and I couldn't hold him off any longer. I wasn't able to carry him and push the big stroller at the same time, so I had to strap him in and push him all the way back to the car while he was screaming bloody murder! I am sure everyone there thought I was torturing him as he was flailing and jerking his body every which way and yelling so loud the lions woke up. Definitely not the ideal trip I had planned but that's the way it goes with toddlers sometimes. I guess he wasn't completely better so really it was my fault... lesson learned for sure!

What's your/your kids' favorite animals at the zoo?


  1. Hahahahaha he woke the lions up, that is so awesome. Yeah, I know when they want to be held that things are going downhill lol. At least you guys had some fun while you were there. Life with toddlers! :)

  2. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesNovember 6, 2014 at 2:48 PM

    Your melt down sounds a lot like us today at the aquarium. I was totally *that* mom with *that* kid. Ha!
    We haven't been to a zoo since June, and I'm thinking it's about time we go. Our favorite at the time was a polar bear that did some pretty awesome "tricks" for all us silly spectating humans. :)

  3. You got some awesome pictures!

  4. I always try to smile at mom's with a kid acting like that, we've all been there! It seems like they pull out their best meltdowns for public places! Looks like you had fun though & the pics are great!

  5. How fun!! Mia would looooove the monkeys! and trust me girl, I know allllll about those kind of melt downs. It's so fun (not!)

  6. Myles is pretty spoiled in the holding department. I try to break him of it but he will not let it go. When he wants to be held, he MUST be held! When does that stop?!?! I mean he is small for his age and I still think he weighs a ton for me to carry around!

  7. I know that feeling.. like everyone is watching you.. knowing that their kids have done the same at some point, but still judging away! There is a walrus at the Six Flags we go to that spits his food out and sucks it back in all day long. I think he learned that it give him attention so now he does it all the time.

  8. Thanks! I was surprised when I went back to look at them that I actually got some good ones. I remember the day being a total bust!

  9. So true about public places! I always feel like 'I swear my child doesn't normally act like this'. But I think all moms should be sympathetic because I know we have all been there, at least once! We did have a good time in the beginning so I guess it was still worth it!

  10. The zoo is always fun to explore with a toddler, especially the monkeys because they act pretty goofy sometimes! It's nice to know I am not alone with the meltdowns! This kids have tons of raging emotions! And something tells me they aren't going away any time soon... :) !


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