Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Myles Monthly: 20

As you may know, I didn't decide to start my blog until my son Myles was about 8 months old. And well... now he is over 2 years old! I'm still trying to get caught up with the monthly updates and monthly favorites, so I can get, and hopefully stay, up to date. 

 March 15th- April 14th, 2014

This month is going to be pretty short and sweet! When going through my pictures for this month, I was saddened by the lack there of. I don't really know what the deal was; I guess we were either not doing too much or doing so much that I didn't have the chance to get out the camera. Luckily, I noticed that next month will more than make up for it!

A fairly good month overall (as far as I can remember!) with only one little bout of sickness. Myles had his first real throw up this month. When he was little (3-4 months) he used to throw up his breast milk once a day, but when that was over he hadn't thrown up since then. One morning Mark went to get him when he woke up (per usual) and noticed something all over his bed. He yelled for me to come in and I started freaking out not knowing what was going on. It took a minute for us to figure out what happened and why there was purple all over his bed. Sometime in the middle of the night he must of thrown up blueberries. I never heard him cry or make any noise over the monitor so I guess it didn't really bother him though. We cleaned him all up, but he definitely had a fever. He breastfeed a very little bit (unusual for him) and then we went downstairs. I was eating a breakfast bar and he wanted some so I let him have a bite. 30 seconds later... puke all over!!! So I cleaned everything again and we laid on the couch all day long. He would not let him put him down or walk away for anything. He napped and breastfeed a little bit more and continued to just lay on me the rest of the day. Around 8pm he finally let me put him down for the first time and he walked and played a little bit. When it was time for bed he laid down perfectly fine and woke up the next day 75% better. He was still pretty clingy, but otherwise normal. This was the sickness I was referencing when I posted about our zoo trip last week.

He also pushed through his two bottom stomach teeth (16 teeth altogether), which now that I am writing this, may have been the reason for the sickies.

Progressively eating more and more with each passing month. He has never been a big eater; never ate baby food, and took a long time to start eating a significant amount of anything. He had been eating a decent lunch for a couple of months now, so I was happy with that and just waiting for him to do the same for breakfast and dinner. This day we played and ate lunch at Chuck E Cheese and I just had to take a video to document how much he ate of his pizza. I would say that this was the most he ever ate in one sitting:

Besides the one sick day, we were doing very well with sticking to only nursing three times a day: once in the morning, at nap time, and before bed. The day he was sick, I let him nurse as much as he wanted. I was a little worried it would set us back in our weaning process, but thankfully that day didn't ruin our progress.

I think I can get rid of this category pretty soon. Even up until now (at 27 months), his sleep has been pretty consistent when we are at home. Vacations back to Illinois are a whole other story, so maybe I will keep this just for those occasions.
  His schedule has pretty much been the same since he was 12 months. Bed time from 9pm-8am and one nap from 1pm-3/4pm.

He continued to add many new words this month (words that he used consistently): 
I poopy (when he farts), 'Sleepy' when he wants to breastfeed and take a nap, big hug, fruit snack, Cammy (friend), Okay mommy, window, messy, boo-boo, sticks, Wall-E(ge), Uh Oh, working, cheese, broccoli, Choo Choo, zoo, bug, high-five, slinky, funny, car, fries

New animal noises: elephant
Putting more words and phrases together: Mommy help me please, Daddy stop it

Repeats me when I yell for 'Mark' (his dad's name) with much emphasis on the 'ah' sound! Calls the cat "Me-Oh" I think this comes from meow, but he could only say me-oh. So now we all call the cat me-oh. Mark always says he is me-oh from the kitty Matrix. 
Says 'high' and reaches up and says 'low' and reaches down (from an Elmo book)

  • Our biggest outing this month was a pre-Easter celebration at Crab Cove beach on the Bay. Myles was able to meet the Easter bunny for the first time (no bunny fail here!), see the beach and ocean for the first time, play tons of games, and 'Easter egg hunt' for the first time. I use quotes because it was just an area blocked off with crackers/snacks on the ground for them to pick up. The 'hunt' ended up being the least pleasant experience of the whole day (re: 100 toddlers and parents rushing a 10x10 area), but everything else was a blast and getting to see Myles take in the ocean and sand for the first time was quite awesome!
  • I am pretty sure that the park has been on our outings list every month since moving to California! That makes me smile because it is the main reason we moved here and I love that I am sticking to enjoying every beautiful day this place has to offer. Our favorite park day this month was a picnic-park day with our best buddies Cameron and Leesa. 
  • We also visited the Oakland Zoo for the first time. Pre-meltdown we had a great time; if you missed the post last week see what animals we saw here.
  • We frequented Chuck E Cheese's this month. I like going when they first open because we are usually the only ones there. In the morning, it is the most clean with no big kids running around and Chuck E gives us tons of free tickets!

  • In his 18 month update, I talked about how Myles started to get into TV a little bit. He got a favorite show (Handy Manny) and would actually sit through an episode. Well this month, Myles found his first favorite movie: Toy Story. To say he became obsessed is a huge understatement. I mean he would ask for it all day long, and if you said Buzz or Woody he would start yelling about watching it. I played the movie for him a couple months back (I bought it with money from his first birthday), and he had no interest. One day, I decided to try it again and it was game over. He sat and watched the whole thing (unheard of) and fell in love with Buzz.
    I had bought him some pull-ups to have around and Buzz was on some of them. He found them and would carry them around all day long. I started to feel bad about it, so we went and bought him his very first Buzz Lightyear. The look on his face and the excitement over having his own Buzz was something I will never forget. Buzz went everywhere with Myles from that day forward :) and now 7 months later poor Buzz is so beat up, even the toy doctor can't fix him.
  • We were given our first real bike from some friends. Although he is still a ways out from riding it, he loves to sit on it and be pushed around. He can almost touch the peddles now, but is still not into learning to ride. We are steady working on that one.
  • He took his first shower. He was protesting the bath a bit, so I tried the shower. He liked it at the time, but he has rarely done it again.
  • Can count to three; uses his three fish in the bath.
  • My dad bought him his first skateboard last month when he was visiting. This thing is very slow, so it is perfect for his age. He couldn't ride by himself of course, but he loved to be pushed on it. I am hoping he wants to learn to ride it as he grows because I think it is really good for coordination. 

Funnies and Favorites
  •  Only one picture this month! This was post-lunch when apparently he was done eating and ready to relax :)

What are some recent 'funnies' from your kids?


  1. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesNovember 11, 2014 at 8:51 PM

    You are so fortunate to have such a good sleeper!
    I think 20 months was about the time Marcus had his first real bout of throw-up sickness. It's the worst to see the littles so helpless. I think it was about the 20 month mark where we put Marcus in the shower, and we haven't really gone back to the tub since!
    LOOOOOVE that Myles was able to get in a trip to the beach. YAY!! That's one of our favorite places. :)

  2. I love when I finally finish one and hopefully I will be caught up soon. I am only behind like 6 months now lol! My OCD mind won't let me skip any months though!

  3. What a sweetie pie! 20 months is such a fun stage. So much wonder & awe at that age :)

  4. I love how the little things excite them and to just watch them discover the world is pretty amazing!


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