Thursday, November 20, 2014

Strawberry Fields Forever

So it looks like I have gotten into a routine; a Myles Monthly update, sharing pictures from the upcoming Myles Monthly update that I forgot about, then the next Myles Monthly update. This week I am sharing pictures from our first strawberry picking adventure (May 6th, 2014). I had never done this before and kept seeing tons of posts from blogging friends and it looked too fun to pass up! So we found a cute little farm, invited our besties, and took to the fields. 
Myles was into picking for about 5 minutes.. which is actually pretty good for him! For that time though, it was ridiculously cute!

Then Cameron showed up and they did what all little boys do in a field... run.. far away from adults:

And then Myles found the apricot trees, which were apparently pretty awesome!
 "Where's Myles?"

And then this happened:
Melt my heart into a puddle, I tell ya!

I know I say it too much on this blog, but these boys together makes my world go round. I'm so grateful that Cameron and his mommy came into our lives. 

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