Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Toddler Boy Christmas Wishlist

Confession: I love buying toys for Myles. It is bad... some people like buying clothes for their little ones, but me, it's toys all the way. My Amazon wishlist is always full of cool toys I want for Myles. I think part of it is because I stay home with him, so having new things to play with helps us stay busy and entertained. And there may be a small part of me that gets just as giddy as him when a new toy comes home! So his Christmas wishlist has been in the making for a couple months now.

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1. ALEX Toys Bathtime Fun Tub Island Racing Around: I have talked before on here about how I can never find good, entertaining bath toys. Luckily Myles finds the most fun out of an empty bubble container that he uses to give baths to his other toys. I have had my eye on this set for a while, so I figured Christmas would be the perfect time to give it a home with us. He likes playing with his cars in the bath, so hopefully he will like this track to race them around on.

2. Skywalker Trampoline Lily Pad Adventure Bouncer: It's been all about the trampoline around here lately (this and this). Ideally I want to get a big trampoline for all of us to play on, but we really don't have room in our backyard. Also, I don't want to take away from the specialness of the trampoline being only at grandma and grandpa's. It is something he always looks forward to when we go there, so I want to keep it that way. This little one will be perfect for satisfying his jumping need, but not taking up too much room. I love that it comes with a net too, because we all know the little ones can get pretty crazy. 
3. WowWee Robosapien X Robot Kit: Myles has been talking about getting a robot for Christmas for months now. That was the first thing he said he wanted when I asked him way before Halloween. My dad is getting this one for him. The recommended age is 4+, so it is a bit old for him. However, if he is going to get a robot, he might as well get one that he can grow up with. It is a more expensive one, so I want to make sure it will last a while and keep his interest for years to come. If the controls are too complicated for him, we can always do it for him for now. This thing looks awesome and I can't wait to see his face when he opens it on Christmas day!

4. Green Toys Seaplane: Another bath toy that I am hoping will make bath time even more fun. We have played with this one at the children's museum before, so I know Myles loves it. And with it being a Green Toy, it is a no brainer to add to our list!
5. Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway: Myles has played with other similar versions of this car racing toy. I liked the older ones, but Fisher Price really stepped their game up with this one! It is over three feet tall and has way more fun features than any of the others. This will definitely provide us tons of indoor entertainment throughout the winter.

6.   LeapFrog LeapReader Books: Leap and the Lost Dinosaur and Disney·Pixar Finding Nemo, Lost and Found: My parents got Myles a LeapFrog LeapReader for his birthday in August. I still haven't opened it up yet because it says the age recommendation is 4+. I was going to get him the junior one, but that only goes to age 3, so I felt like it would be a waste to have that one for just a year and then still need to get the other one. And I've discovered that a lot of time, the age recommendations are overshot. I think I will still wait to open it up for another couple months, but I want to get him some more books for it now because they have such good deals going on. He has so many normal books that I think it would be best to forgo those and start growing his LeapReader book collection for Christmas. He is so into dinosaurs and loves all things Disney so I know these two will be a hit. 
7. Big Hero Deluxe Flying Baymax with Hiro Action Figures: This is the holy grail of Christmas presents for Myles. If you ask him what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas it will be "Big Baymax"... every time. Ever since we saw the movie, he has been Big Hero obsessed. A couple days after that we were at the store and he found this big Baymax and carried it around the whole store. When I told him he couldn't have it right now, he had a major meltdown. So I had to explain to him that if he wanted, Santa would bring it for Christmas. That calmed him down, but now all he talks about is big Baymax and getting is for Christmas. I am not sure we are going to make it another month without getting it. I may breakdown and let him use the rest of his birthday money to buy it. He has been okay with waiting so far, but we all know how unpredictable toddlers can be... so we will see.  
8. The Home Depot Deluxe Power Tool Set: Myles loves to work on things just like his daddy. Lately, we have been fixing his jeep and car and 'cutting' down trees in the backyard. He has some tools, but they are the basic ones like a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, etc. It's hard to cut down a tree with a hammer... let me tell ya! This set is awesome and has all of the necessary power tools for all the hard working we do around the house! 

9. Melissa Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set: We got Myles a kitchen and food for his birthday in August. Myles does all the cooking in the house now and his imagination runs wild with all the things he comes up with! He already has a couple of Melissa and Doug food sets, but I have been wanting to get him this sandwich set since we got the kitchen. We've got everything covered except the sandwich category. As of right now, he makes sandwiches by putting a slice of meat and cheese between two waffles! Poor child :P This set is so worth the price though. Plastic food gets ruined within months, but the wooden sets last forever and the pieces velcro together! So smart they are! Can't wait to start making real sandwiches in our house!

What toys are on your children's' wishlists?


  1. Erin @ The Grass Skirt BlogNovember 25, 2014 at 8:13 AM

    Just when I thought I was done Christmas shopping for my two year old...LOL. It looks like I am going to have to get some of these! #s 4, 8, and 9 would be big hits. :)

    The Mini Skirt

  2. The power tool set, I need to get that! I'm done shopping, but Liv keeps asking for tools like Daddy! That trampoline looks tons of fun!!

  3. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesNovember 25, 2014 at 1:49 PM

    That little people car racing set is on our wish list too! I'm really hoping Santa (or grandma and grandpa) can help us check that one off!

  4. The Little People City Skyway has had my eye for a while! We have a smaller one (I forget what it's called now) but Mason has kind of torn it apart. I have been on the fence about this one because I don't know if he will have the same problem (destruction) or not but it looks sooooo awesome! We have a bunch of green toys and we LOVE them all!

  5. This was so good I shared it on my shout-out post! Take a look x

  6. This list is great! I'm trying to finish up my one year old's list too. We have the green toys sea plane, it's awesome! Love the Little People too, we got a collection started after his birthday.

  7. My 5 year old put an iPod, iPad, and an iPhone on his Christmas list, who do you have to call in kindergarten??


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