Friday, November 28, 2014

Myles Monthly: 22

As you may know, I didn't decide to start my blog until my son Myles was about 8 months old. And well... now he is over 2 years old! I'm still trying to get caught up with the monthly updates and monthly favorites, so I can get, and hopefully stay, up to date. 

 May 15th- June 14th, 2014

Pretty good month health wise, but we had another 24 hour sickness. This seems to be becoming a trend around here. I don't like seeing him sick, but luckily it only lasted a day again and I'm not going to lie, the cuddles were pretty amazing! It is a completely different Myles from his regular non-stop, go-go-go personality. Tons of cuddles, movies, and sleep and he was feeling 70% better the next day. The craby and clinginess still lingered around for a couple days after, but it was never anything that stuck around too long. 

Watching The Lion King.. gets me every time!

  Last month I touched a little bit on his new flair for the drama and it decided to stick around this month as well. I really can't complain as it wasn't a daily occurrence. However when it did happen, it was intense. This particular day he wanted to see his friend Cammy. He kept saying "door, car, Cammy." When I told him he couldn't play, meelllttttdddooowwnn:

Steadily trying more foods and adding more to each meal. Still no breakfast food, just milk, but lunch and dinner were going good. Nothing new in the breastfeeding department. Same schedule as last month: once in the morning, at nap time, and before bed.


After the slight hiccup during our vacation back home last month with the new big boy bed, we were back to our regularly scheduled program this month. Bed time being from 9pm-8am and one nap still from 1pm-3/4pm.

For some reason I didn't write down that many new words this month: 
He calls nursing 'drinks', whenever he was tired and wanted to nurse and sleep, he would say 'I drinks'
 'Hold me', 'Oh man'
'Come on mommy' while grabbing my hand and taking me places
He will only call himself baby, He will not say his name. Whenever you asked what his name was, he would say 'baby'. We tried so hard everyday to get him to say Myles, but he wouldn't do it. I think it became a game to him, knowing we wanted him to say it so bad, so he wouldn't.
And lastly, this....

Proud mommy moment :)

  • Fair season officially started and I was all over it! I found out about a children's festival 30 minutes away from us and had to check it out. I couldn't believe how many awesome things were at the festival, some of them actually being FREE! I loved the animals the best (kitten sleeping with baby pigs!) and Myles was all about the air ball blow-up and train ride!

He also got his daddy to take him on this strange, but fun looking motorized horse ride:
  • I also found a little amusement park 20 minutes from us. By this time, I knew that we would be moving to a new city within a couple months, so I wanted to make sure we did everything kid related around us. Now that I have Myles, I have an obsessive need to check out every possible kid activity around us. This place was small, but had a couple fun rides, a little creek, two playgrounds, a train, and lots of grass to run and play on. This was the first ride we went on. The cool thing about Myles' age was that he hadn't quite figured out fears yet, so he didn't hesitate to go on this. It went pretty high, but he liked it and actually went on a couple times. He wanted to hold my hand too :)
The bottom left picture is so funny. I captured it just at the right moment because he wasn't ever scared or wanting to get down, so I really don't know what was going on there!

And a little carousal action:
  •  I was not expecting it so get so hot in the Bay Area. Before we moved, I figured it would be like San Fransisco weather. Boy was I shocked when I got to the east bay to see that it regularly gets into the high 90s the whole summer. Not complaining at all though; just need a little splash pad action and we are good to go!

  • When we went to the children's festival, Myles rode his first real fair ride. There is a picture above of him riding the train and here is a video. I bought a bunch of tickets thinking he would want to try out all the rides, but he kept saying no to all of them. He went on the big slide once, but wouldn't go on anything else... until we found this train. We used all of our tickets on this train and he rode it like 5 or 6 times!  

  • First time riding an escalator. We were at the mall eating lunch and Myles was super antsy waiting for the food, so I took him out to walk around. We were right next to a set of escalators and Myles was super intrigued. So I let him go on it.. game over! He seriously would not stop... down, up, down, up... at least 25 times! I don't know how I got him away from it... maybe the lure of fries.

Funnies and Favorites
  •  Loves to check the mail and get the newspaper everyday
  • Loves to walk the dog
  •  Funny poop stories:
    Myles had a weird infatuation with finding our dog's poop outside. Every single time he went out back (multiple times a day), he had to come running to me yelling "poo poo" as soon as he happened upon even the smallest turd. Then I, of course, had to instantly go pick it up or else he would not stop telling me about it.

      I let Myles go diaper free for an hour or so in the afternoon when we would be mostly playing outside. Two days in a row he ran inside telling me "poo poo". Thinking it was the usual dog poop I didn't think much of it until I went to go pick up the 'dog poop' and realized it was Myles poop on the ground outside. Not exactly potty training but hey at least I didn't have to clean up a diaper!
  • Messy play of course; we can never get enough of it in our house. This month we made Foamy Bathtub Paints! Messy and clean at the same time; parenting win!
  • This may come as a surprise, but the trampoline is still a favorite :) After Myles would not get off of the trampoline during our trip back home, I knew he would love the trampoline park! These things are so awesome.. why didn't they have them when I was young!?!?   
  • I got Myles a life vest for when we went to the outdoor pool at our gym. He actually wore it most times and did really well with it. I had to take a picture when I saw him put it on like this one day:
  • This kid.. I don't even know what to say. I bought him a sucker to keep him entertained on a longer car ride. I heard him keep saying 'stuck' in the back seat. I finally look back and see this:
  • And lastly, a favorite of mine. I went to the gym one night for an hour long class and came back to this:

What are some of your children's favorites and funnies?


  1. Those messy activities are always best done right in the bathtub - they always end up there at the end anyway! lol!

  2. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesDecember 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM

    That children's festival looks amazing! All those animals. I'd be in heaven as much as any kid.
    That bath tub foam looks awesome. We may have to try something like that too. That note… SO SWEET!!


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