Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's the Litlte Things: Pet Fishy

I grew up having all sorts of different pets throughout my childhood. Being an only child, I  was completely blessed by the companionship of the animals I grew up with. I remember them all so well and have such fond memories of our time together.  Now that I have a little one of my own, I want Myles to be able to enjoy the same love and bonds with his pets that I was able to experience. We kept it easy for Myles' first pet and went with a goldfish. Well actually, we didn't really choose. We went to a Memorial Day fair and as we were walking around, a little boy came up to me and asked if we wanted his fish. I'm guessing that he won it, but his parents didn't want him to keep it, or maybe he was just being nice. Either way, we thanked him and gladly took it.
This picture always makes me think of the picture of Darla and her goldfish from Finding Nemo. Myles was 10 months old here and really didn't know what the fish was. All he wanted to do was chew on the plastic bag! Don't worry, the fish actually made it home alive and into a little bowl we we set up for him. We (or I, rather) named him Chubby Bear after one of our favorite songs. He lived a long time for a fair fish! We had to leave him at my parents' house when we moved, but we were reunited at Christmas time. He lived to be almost 7 months... One day I decided to clean out his bowl. I did my normal routine, but something must have gone wrong because this cleaning didn't end well for Chubby. The next morning he was a floatin'. It was a total mommy fail moment, but luckily Myles didn't have a clue what happened!

I had been thinking about getting him some more fish lately because he is really fascinated by them, but I just never got around to actually doing it. Well last week my dad was in town visiting for a bit and he decided that he wanted to get Myles some goldies for his water table. Part of me thought: Wow, what a genius idea but the other part of me thought: Oh no, this isn't going to end well for the fishies. I really had no choice though because I now know that grandparents get to do whatever they want for their grandchildren. So we took a little trip to the pet store and got three goldfish and some food. 
When we got back home, I filled up the table with water and plopped those fish right in. Myles had the time of his life playing with the fish. He really thought it was the coolest thing EVER! At first, all he wanted to do was 'feed' them (don't worry the cap is on). 

 He kept following them around with his finger, pointing, and showing me what he had found!
Then he got a little more adventurous and started trying to touch them. 

At one point, my dad wanted to show Myles that the fish could swim up into the top part of the table as well. So he guided the fish with his hand up to the top the table. Well apparently, Myles did not want the fish to be up there with his elephant and giraffe, so he picked the fish up with his hand and put it back into the bottom part! I could not believe he did that! ALL BOY and no fear there. I wouldn't even pick a fish up and it didn't phase him one bit. I may have a future noodler on my hands :)

Eventually, Myles started going a little crazy-boy with the water. I didn't want him to freak the fish out too much that they would die, so we took a little break to let them rest.

I have to say my dad was a total genius for this idea. It seriously would have kept him entertained forever if I didn't make him take a break. I completely recommend the fish-tank-water-table for a fun outside activity!

And of course a huge thanks as always to Ashley over at Words About Waverly for putting together this link-up! 

What pets do your kids have? What pets do you want to get for your kids?


  1. I never thought about putting fish in the water table. Hoe long can they be in there?

  2. We've been wanting to get Owen a fish too, but I'm a little worried it will spiral out of control and we'll have a fish tank in the wall by the end of the year. Your son seems like he's pretty gentle with the fish in his table. I would not be able to do this with my son, he would probably be too rough and grab one too tight or something.

  3. I love that idea, but I'd be a little hesitant too about the toddler roughness/fish having heart attacks combo. My husband wants nothing to do with a simple little goldfish - he wants some huge tank with exotic fish I guess. No thanks. It doesn't sound fun to clean in my book. Maybe he'll go the goldfish route for Aria though =)

  4. I'm not sure how long they can stay in there for. I would guess as long as the temperature is right then they could stay forever. I just put them in there for him sometimes. They have a different aquarium they normally stay in. I just move them in there if it's nice out and we are playing outside, etc.

  5. I think that fish are one of the easier to take care of pets, especially goldfish. I would love a big tank with tons of fish, but it is pretty expensive and time consuming. At my son's age, I don't think he knows the difference between a tiny tank with a couple goldfish and a huge elaborate one. He is amazed by any sort of fish lol. He did pick one up but I don't think he hurt it or anything. He did start to get a little crazy with splashing so I told him he needed a break. The fish normally stay in a regular tank, but I just put them in there because my dad wanted to see what he would do. I think he plays well with them in moderation. You might be able to try it; if he starts to get wild just take him away. It was definitely entertaining for him :)

  6. I wasn't too sure how it would work either, but my dad insisted. Myles can get a little crazy, but it actually went well. After a little while he started splashing too much, so I decided it was time to call it a break. But I can see how you would be hesitant. I only let him play for a little bit. Once he was getting a little crazy, we stopped playing. The fish normally stay in a regular little tank now. Yea the bigger tank looks awesome but would not be fun to clean. A little tank with a couple fish is really easy for us.

  7. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!! OMG SO NEAT! This is pretty much the only way one can play with a fish, props to your dad. He is awesome! I love that a little boy gave you guys Myles first fish. That's very sweet, I bet his parents wouldn't let him keep it either. I'd like to think he already won or had a few. lol We've been meaning to get a new Beta- ours recently died. :[ He lived for 3 years! Before that we had a different beta, he was my absolute favorite fish thus far. He lived 4 years then committed suicide by lodging himself between a rock and a hard place..literally.

  8. We have 3 dogs in the house and my son loves playing with them. Although a pet goldfish is also a nice idea just for a change. Myles is so cute! And it's just so heartwarming to see your kid having so much fun, right?

  9. I really like beta fish too. I want to get one for Myles next. It seems like they tend to live longer and from your experience I would say that they do. Plus they can live in a little small tank. And they are pretty to look at... I think I am going to go get one tomorrow now! I've never had one before but they seem easy enough.. right?! lol.. I love winning goldfish at the fair, it's the coolest prize and it's a pretty awesome accomplishment since those games are pretty rigged lol. I mean I could just go to the pet store and pay .29 cents for one but what's the fun in that!

  10. I love seeing him experience new things for the first time. It's like everything is so amazing to him. It really makes you appreciate life again. The innocence of a child is the greatest thing in the world! Goldfish is a lot easier to take care of, but we have a dog and a cat too! They are both old, so we plan on waiting for Myles to get bigger before we decide to get anything else.

  11. That's basically why we got the fish. They are easy to take care of and Myles gets to experience something different being able to figure out what a fish is and play with it. I definitely understand your feelings about pets though. I don't want anymore for a while. My boyfriend already has a cat and a dog when I met him so I have had to adapt to them. Yes they are a lot to care for and once they are gone we won't be getting any for a long time!


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