Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tunesday Tuesday: Weeks 12-15

It's music time people! I'm back for another edition of the Tunesday Tuesday link up with The Patchwork Paisley, Drinking the Whole Bottle, Momma Candy and MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. I really love coming up with my picks for each week's theme. It always brings back some amazing memories. So a big thank you to all the lovely ladies hosting this link up!
Structure in an Unstructured Life

And, of course, it wouldn't be in true Julia fashion if I wasn't doing 4 weeks in one! So here are my picks from week 12-15:
Week 12 Theme:  "Your Booty Shaking Jam"

Bubba Sparxxx "Ms. New Booty"

Okay so this pick is a total guilty pleasure. It's so wrong, but so right. Am I slightly embarrassed that this was the first song to come to mind for this theme? Possibly... But it is hands down, the best song to get you're booty shaking on to... for reals people. This song also has tons of great memories linked to it. I just turned 21 when this song was popular and I spent many nights shaking it on the dance floor to this song with my best girl friends. Sunday nights at Take 20...man oh man! I don't get out much now (okay I never go out), but if I ever hear this song.. watch out world... IT.IS.ON.

Week 13 Theme:  "A song the reminds you of..."
This is another pick that I probably should be ashamed of. I mean, I am a mom now for heaven's sakes! I suppose I need to preface this pick with a disclaimer (for the sake of preventing unwarranted judgement): I do not listen to this kind of music around my son nor do I condone the content/behavior of the song and video. 

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg "The Next Episode"
So this song reminds me of my best friend in high school, Megan. It came out when we were freshmen in high school and we had just met. As soon as we got over our initial petty dislike of each other, we bonded over our love for Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg and instantly became the best of friends. I honestly can not even begin to write down all of the memories created over this song. It's pretty funny that this totally inappropriate and raunchy song is one of the most meaningful songs of my life. We even came up with our own version of the song to fit our names... M-E-G and J-E-W for life y'all!

Week 14 Theme:  "80s Jam"

 Pat Benatar  "Love is a Battlefield"
This song also reminds me of two of my oldest and dearest friends. So many fun nights riding around with no place to go, blasting some Pat Benatar with the windows down... happy and carefree. I LOVE me some Pat Benatar.. totally 80s and totally amazing!

Week 15 Theme:  "Random 5"

Random 5 is supposed to be the first 5 songs that come up on your playlist when it is shuffled. My list isn't really reflective to what I listen to now. My iTunes playlist hasn't been updated in almost 2 years and I haven't bought any new music since then either. I also don't have very much on there because my computer crashed a couple years ago and I never put all my music back onto my computer. I didn't have the patience to upload dozens upon dozens of CDs. So I never listen to my iTunes music anymore. I only listen to Pandora or watch specific videos through YouTube on the AppleTV. Since having Myles, my music playlist has changed dramatically. However, I know this trip down memory lane should be fun, so enjoy:

 1. Lil Wayne ft. Eminem  "Drop the World"
I'm so glad I did this theme because I didn't realize how many random songs I have on my iTunes that I totally forgot about. This is some classic Eminem and I'm not ashamed to say that I love it! Plus, the video is pretty cool.

2. Cobra Starship  "Good Girls Go Bad"
I completely forgot about this song too! Such a fun pop song to blast in your car during a warm summer night with the top down!
  3. LMFAO  "Party Rock Anthem"

 Already a classic party jam in my book! Thank you LMFAO for tons of super fun songs to rock out to all night long... Oh and of course for the perfect Halloween costume inspiration:

 4. 5ive "When the Lights Go Out"
OMG... YES!! 5ive never quite took off like the Backstreet Boys or 'NSync but I still loved them! I even saw them in concert when they opened for 'NSync back in, I want to say, 1998? My friend and I learned the dances to all of their songs by watching (and re-watching) their Disney Channel special. We had signs and everything. Man, I miss the 90s!

 5. Fall Out Boy "Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes"

Love, just love... everything about FOB. FOB was my first real rock concert. I couldn't believe that I loved every second of it; mosh pit and all! Their concerts are ridiculously fun: amazing music and lyrics, super high energy, and some pretty cute faces to look at!

 What songs have the best memories attached to them for you? What's currently on your playlist?


  1. Love this post and this link up!

  2. Thanks! It really is a super fun link up! I love picking out songs for each theme! You should do it one week!

  3. Tiffany Mrsh HaywoodMarch 20, 2014 at 12:38 PM

    Hi Julia! Thanks for sharing such awesome tunes with us at #TunesdayTuesdayHop ...these are such great choices! I LOVE Party Rock and WHY Didn't I think of that as a Halloween costume??? Hahaha! Awesome look!

  4. Love the big catch-up post full of tunes!! And great picks! I may or may not have been jamming out to Love is A Battlefield because no one was home while I was reading this. Just sayin'. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting! I always love to link up even if not every week, I always catch up! It's fun to see everyone's picks and learn about them through music. It's always a fun time with LMFAO. My son loves to dance to their music too. That costume was a couple years ago, but it was so fun.

  6. Yay! That makes me super happy about jamming out! Makes me want to right now, but I don't think the rest of my house would be very happy :) The 80s had some pretty awesome music!

  7. All these songs remind me of the millennium. I was a huge rap/hip hop fan back in the day- and though the songs are just disgusting lyrically- I like a lot of them lol. Though to be fair- those songs aren’t’ nearly as bad as some of the popular ones today


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