Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Suspenders

Today I am linking up again with the lovely Kelly at Modern Camelot and Megan at Table for Three for some Trendy Tot Tuesday action! 
I just can't get enough of my little cutie these days. I mean, I know he won't be okay with me putting his pictures up on my blog forever, so I have to plaster him all over here now before he figures out what's going on, right?!? 
Today is all about my most favorite piece of clothing in Myles' closet. In the months leading up to Christmas, I was on a mad hunt for some suspenders for Myles. I was looking for the ones that clip onto pants, but I could not find them anywhere. The cutest thing in the world for baby boy fashion, and no one had them in-store? Normally, I would've just threw my arms up in utter dismay and then ordered a pair online, but I was not giving in this time! I had told my mom about my frustrations over the suspenders probably several hundred times before we made our way back home for Christmas. By that time, I had given up on my dream to put Myles in suspenders for Christmas. Boo-Hoo! 
But just when I thought all hope was lost, my mother (aka my Knightress in Shining Armour) brought me to the mall. She wanted to show me something she had found: the greatest pair of khakis I had ever seen. They were Joe Fresh for kids tan khakis with attached suspenders!!!! Grandma came through for the big WIN again y'all! I could seriously put Myles in them everyday and just snuggle the heck out of my little lumberjack boy :) 
Here are two different ways he has worn them:

Joe Fresh Suspender Pants | Jean button-up: Old Navy | Shoes: Cherokee

I was way too giddy about being able to put Myles in suspenders for Christmas celebrations. This was from when we had breakfast with Santa! It was even better than I had ever imagined :)

Joe Fresh Suspender Pants | Flannel button-up: OshKosh | Shoes: Circo

What is your favorite piece of clothing your child/children own?


  1. The little suspenders are ADORABLE! (so is the boy wearing them!)

  2. I’m right there with you- there’s nothing cuter and more
    dapper than adult styled clothes on a youngin’! Ties, dress pants, suspenders,
    bowties, whatever! Your little guy looks so sweet and cute. I’m so glad your
    mom was able to put her magic to work and make your dreams come true, moms are
    the BEST!

  3. Awe thanks girl! You're too sweet :)

  4. I want a bowtie for him now! How cute! I'm not girly so I'm not sad that I don't have a girl to dress up. I love boys fashion and making him look like a little man. Although he's just getting too big and grown looking now, I may start putting him in newborn oneies again lol Aren't moms the best.. I hope I can be that mom one day!

  5. I'm with ya! I feel bad saying this now that I have a kid and know I would love whoever my child was no matter what...but I REALLY wanted a boy. I have four sisters and anything pink, purple, girl, was unappealing. I LOVE dressing up Dylan and also love that he doesn't have to try too hard! lol But I will admit- sometimes I get jealous that girls have 90000000000 more options than boys when I shop for him

  6. YES! All little boys need suspenders! And as many other little man accessories as possible. I want to get him a bow tie too and maybe a little pocket watch lol


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